August 23, 2012

Vets feedback video on pricing - follow up post

After all the outcry, they have posted a follow up video.
Still misses the point.... we could still offer cat neutering from kitchen tables with immobilising drugs which would still be a step up from the no anaesthetic, put head in a gumboot procedure I remember from the 70's. I shudder that people are allowed to have animals operated on with little pain relief, inadequate monitoring and potentially not only suffering, but higher death rates. I think a high turnover clinic doing neutering can't really be compared to a standard clinic with elderly patients, orthopaedic ops etc where it would be impossible to adequately care for that level of turnover without neglect. Insurance is definitely the way to go - if you cant afford it, then ultimately you probably can't afford the animal.

I am sad to think there are many pets out there who will be put down if they get any injury or illness as the owners have no way of paying for it. It is not our right to have animals just because we can feed them.

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  1. I'm unable to watch the video but I can imagine its content.


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