September 25, 2012

Ricky Gervais saves animals from cosmetics testing

Good to see this campaign.  Worth supporting... and he is right - it is totally unnecessary to test cosmetic on animals - or foods!


If you don't believe me, just go and watch the animal testing shown on the Mars video on this site below...

but I warn you, it will upset you.


I know that there are situations where medicine and procedures need to be tested or taught. I have a problem with using dog cadavers in our training and have managed to avoid it in the 15 years i have been teaching vet nurses.... I definitely can't imagine inflicting ongoing pain. New Zealand has very strict laws about research and teaching - we might be better than many other countries, but we need to constantly ask the question - why is this procedure required to be tested on animals.

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September 16, 2012

Soothing Canopy

I feel irritable and tired today... Despite a quiet day yesterday. Sometimes I need a whole weekend to recover from the week at work. I don't find cooking and housework or gardening relaxing, just necessary chores. Picking fresh veges or eating fresh baking help make them worthwhile jobs and some heavy duty decluttering in the house today has created a feeling of peace and space in one room at least! I took lunch outside to sit in the sun, enjoying some time with the dogs. The blossom over the back deck made a perfect restful spot. It doesn't last long; the new green shoots are peeking through already and I am pleased I got to sit here and enjoy it, appreciate the moment of this soothing canopy of blossom.


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September 11, 2012

Snow in South Island

Many lambs will be like this today - always hate the thought of them dying in the cold spring storms. I hope they are given shelter and the icy blast ends really soon.

One minute daffodils and bloosom - next snow and hail. Sigh.


The snow has been flurrying aroudn us here at work - off home to beat the cold!


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September 9, 2012

Christchurch Central City September 2012

A flyover picture taken this week... 1300 buildings gone - and 300 to go.



The first photo shows the original CBD taken from Google earth


The second shows the extent of the damage post Feb 2011 (although you might need to zoom in to see the rubble) 


and then look at the third picture, which were loosely made predictions Scott made based on the maps showing all the red and orange stickered buildings post Feb 2011 quake.  We didnt want to accept it then - but the reality grows closer.


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September 5, 2012

What would you choose?

What do all these pets have in common?

Amazingly - they are all dead.
and then Freeze Dried...

The first time I saw pictures of this process I thought how artificial they looked.... - although to be fair, it is often hard to tell just which are post freezing pictures and which are pictures of the pet during it's lifetime!
Tonight the subject came up in our class forum where we are studying grief processes -  and I found those pictures above...
and this video about it

and another article about it all -
I can't see it as being something I would do ( and luckily I am sure it is not offered here in NZ)  - although Poppy lying beside me looks similar to many of these "pets" - but at least she is warm and stretches out luxuriously when I stroke her and growls if any dog or animal or bird appears on tv (she must sleep with one eye open) .... and if I can't have that, I don't want some caricature of it.
But people all want different things. If you want it - you can have it, as long as you live in America.
it really could be worse...

Venus the Two-Faced Cat Still a Mystery


Whatever caused this, it is certainly one of the more unusual cats round. The popular theory is she is a product of two embryos fused together to form a chimera. Really hard to get the different eyes and colours this way unless this is the reason.

"To find out would require genetic testing, said Lyons. With samples of skin from each side of the cat, "we can do a DNA fingerprint—just like on CSI—and the DNA from one side of the body should be different than the other."

There is some Youtube footage at

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September 4, 2012

Celebrating two year anniversary with amazing storm

Wow - one minute sunny, next minute a storm moves in and brings you lightning - hundreds of spectacular flashes lit up the sky and finally, the hail started. It sounded as if someone was breaking in upstairs at my parent's house. I resigned myself to more hail dents in my car which got damaged in the last big one too.  Large golf balls, marbles rained down, increasing in intensity until the world was white for a while. Scott managed to get these pictures...

There are also some good photos on the TVNZ site

Not long later I was off to watch Scott's Pops Choir perform. Crunching across a playing field over the hail to get in and watch them be the finale for a local school contest... 


They sang 'Bridge over Troubled Water' and 'Rolling in the Deep'... both pretty appropriate post storm!

Knackered tonight... the rate of change and upheaval happening at work is making things harder to deal with - funny how everything seems to happen at once. No not funny - thoughtless, inevitable, unavoidable, driven by many economies and improvements. Ultimately it will probably all be wonderful, but it is hard to suddenly create a round peg for their round hole when you are currently square. A lot of whittling and smoothing is required, which takes time. We are already surrounded by change in Christchurch and although we are seen and described as "resilient", it doesn't take much extra straw to push us over.  The only saving factor right now is that it is true for the whole city - and everyone else at work is dealing with it all too. 

Time to go and sandpaper off those corners.....before they are chiselled off.

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September 3, 2012

Two years on..... a city remembers

Life continues in Shakytown as we go to sleep on the anniversary of where it all began. 4th Sept 2010, 4.35 am. Oh the ignorance of what lay ahead. Utterly beyond our comprehension then.

Yes there have been some changes - as our city is levelled. 

I liked this picture - celebrating our unique skyline, or what is left of it.



This collection of words from the stories about the earthquakes being left on the Rebuildng Christchurch website says a lot about what people felt.... or valued.


One of the stories appears to be from one of my past vet nursing students who lives near me.

You might like to read some of the other entries on there too - and think of those individuals who are still living in a nightmare two years later because of the continuing haggling over who should pay for their homes to be rebuilt/repaired/or their land to be reimbursed. 

Comments are everywhere - like this tweet from AshleyCnz

Christchurch tweeps: May the night be uneventful, your sleep uninterrupted and tomorrow just another day #eqnz #2ndanniversary

Sentiments I agree with wholeheartedly - sleep well Christchurch.



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