September 4, 2012

Celebrating two year anniversary with amazing storm

Wow - one minute sunny, next minute a storm moves in and brings you lightning - hundreds of spectacular flashes lit up the sky and finally, the hail started. It sounded as if someone was breaking in upstairs at my parent's house. I resigned myself to more hail dents in my car which got damaged in the last big one too.  Large golf balls, marbles rained down, increasing in intensity until the world was white for a while. Scott managed to get these pictures...

There are also some good photos on the TVNZ site

Not long later I was off to watch Scott's Pops Choir perform. Crunching across a playing field over the hail to get in and watch them be the finale for a local school contest... 


They sang 'Bridge over Troubled Water' and 'Rolling in the Deep'... both pretty appropriate post storm!

Knackered tonight... the rate of change and upheaval happening at work is making things harder to deal with - funny how everything seems to happen at once. No not funny - thoughtless, inevitable, unavoidable, driven by many economies and improvements. Ultimately it will probably all be wonderful, but it is hard to suddenly create a round peg for their round hole when you are currently square. A lot of whittling and smoothing is required, which takes time. We are already surrounded by change in Christchurch and although we are seen and described as "resilient", it doesn't take much extra straw to push us over.  The only saving factor right now is that it is true for the whole city - and everyone else at work is dealing with it all too. 

Time to go and sandpaper off those corners.....before they are chiselled off.

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  1. stunning shots! The 2nd one reminds me of the way the sky is portrayed in movies years ago when God was going to speak to whomever. eerie!

  2. Two years ! Seems like only yesterday.

  3. Scott's shots are astonishing. It is so hard to get good photographs of lightning.

    I think it was the constant changing from square to round and back again that convinced me to retire early Fiona. It's quite funny that our local Council is now adopting the structure that was established for it at its inception nearly 40 years ago. Plus ca change and all that.

    1. Often the way GB - full circle and all that.

      The lightning was so frequent I suspect most people managed at least one shot of something, but he did do well and I loved the rolling clouds!
      Sunny here today - but very windy. Wellington took the full force - 170kph gusts or similar I heard!
      I think snow is on the way now - welcome to spring!
      Been watching some tv footage of cooking in Italy /Tuscany/ Parma areas - sigh. Looked do lovely - after seeing your pictures all week, I can see I might need to plan some travel!


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