September 3, 2012

Two years on..... a city remembers

Life continues in Shakytown as we go to sleep on the anniversary of where it all began. 4th Sept 2010, 4.35 am. Oh the ignorance of what lay ahead. Utterly beyond our comprehension then.

Yes there have been some changes - as our city is levelled. 

I liked this picture - celebrating our unique skyline, or what is left of it.



This collection of words from the stories about the earthquakes being left on the Rebuildng Christchurch website says a lot about what people felt.... or valued.


One of the stories appears to be from one of my past vet nursing students who lives near me.

You might like to read some of the other entries on there too - and think of those individuals who are still living in a nightmare two years later because of the continuing haggling over who should pay for their homes to be rebuilt/repaired/or their land to be reimbursed. 

Comments are everywhere - like this tweet from AshleyCnz

Christchurch tweeps: May the night be uneventful, your sleep uninterrupted and tomorrow just another day #eqnz #2ndanniversary

Sentiments I agree with wholeheartedly - sleep well Christchurch.



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