October 6, 2012

Horseshoe Lake - Red Zone

This is an aerial view of Horseshoe Lake, where we live - along the outer loop of the river on the lower right section of the photo.
All the houses on the other side, inside the horseshoe, are red zoned and will be demolished. The whole area has sunk and liquified.... most people have moved out and left. This is one area where the army were practicing urban warfare last week - we were woken to the sound of rapid gun fire across the river - quite a surreal feeling. Are we still in a small suburb of Christchurch???

Meanwhile, a whole community of people will have to start again, somewhere else. A scene repeated in many areas, city wide, particularly to the eastern side, and on the hills.
There are more pictures at http://www.rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/residential/suburbs/horseshoe-lake

I saw a display of pictures at a local mall, The Colombo, taken by amateur photographers at Canterbury University. They showed scenes from the last two years - of people, places, help, progress.. the works. Not of death or destruction, but communities, people working together, living in the altered landscapes. One of the comments in the information sheet pointed out that the earthquakes were not a single event - but an ongoing series of changes impacting on the entire community.
SO true...

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