October 6, 2012

Nature reclaiming the red zone suburbs of Christchurch

There is a lot of news coverage of the destruction of the central business area of the city, but every now and then I get to venture into the red zoned suburbs. It feels intrusive, and I don't do it much, feeling it is intrusive to the lives of the few remaining residents who have yet to finalise the payouts from the government for their homes.   I did land up in the area shown in this movie recently, when the road suddenly ran out after I missed one of the ever changing detour signs on my way home. The side road I was forced to take took me along the Avon river and I cried; for the people, their homes, their way of life, and the desolate feeling of abandonment everywhere.
Harry has put some footage to music ( that he played) and I felt it captured the sights... will give you some idea of life there, even though photos and videos just can;t capture the "feel" of it all.

Yes it will become a beautiful park. but as a riverside dweller myself, I know that it could so, so easily have been us too.

The river beside us....

My friend has recently taken a job with CERA ( Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority ) and it requires her to patrol the red zones, checking the properties that are now government owned ... properties with green slime in the floors, rat and mice droppings and urine, smashed glas, graffiti, sloping floors and collapsed ceilings.  Hot work in the sun, and today in blustery cold weather, miserable and dusty. I caught up with her in Bexley yesterday. It was unbelievable. There are still people living around there...

Kitchen/back door

Green floor in the house

Peaceful sub division waiting for demolition - stickers on the houses, and the rubbish bin piles which always indicate their fate....

I took Poppy out to have lunch in Sumner at the beach yesterday - did some shopping and enjoyed an escape. 

On the way we checked the progress of Redcliffs School - closed, for reasons which should be apparent if you look closely above the buildings....

We were trapped by the rapidly incoming tide and I got wet feet, but it was a lovely hot day.

Poppy was tired...

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  1. The B&W photography added to the eeriness of the music and the subject. I still have difficulty imagining it all.


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