November 28, 2012

Hobbit World Premiere for Wellington tonight

Tonight's the night...

This is the page for our site tonight as the cast do the red carpet for The Hobbit - love the hobbit pictures round the outside.
You can see more reports and film from the red carpet at this link.
We have been watchign it on TV - all 600 m of red carpet and interviews. Hard to believe that Elijah Wood turned 18 when he arrived to start filming the first moviews and he is now 31 - growing up in Wellington really.
It's great to have the world premiere here, the place where it all started and where so much of it was made.
If you are visiting NZ - perhaps you will arrive on this plane?

See more:

November 24, 2012

Dog Shaming - Watch out Poppy

 Great new idea... although it does make you wonder why we have dogs!
Thanks Marinda for sending me these :)
I wish I had known about doing this when our Golden Retriever, Saffy, freaked out after trapping her self in the bathroom and destroyed the door. 
Jessie, a Foxie x Collie is our rubbish bin fiend.... we have to remember to weight the lid when we leave her alone... she is often found standing in the remnants of her illegal trawl.

Thank you to the friend who described wee Poppy as "a toilet brush crossed with a stuffed toy on amphetamines" - it brings a smile to my face when I see her in her perpetual motion.  On the rare occasions when she is "abandoned", she has eaten Alex's Ipod ear buds ( more than once), our  power cords for laptops, and demonstrates irregular toilet habits... so far no mattresses, but she does like to salvage bits of paper out of the bin in my office. 

I dedicate this to a friend who has just taken on her fourth dog.  Some of these may well be in her future. I hope they don't eat her socks off her feet while she is wearing two of these dogs do.

Might give those "Rover vacuum cleaners" a miss too after reading these!

November 19, 2012


Deb has written this great post. Perhaps you need to live here to truly understand what it is like, but great articles must help spread the word.
Do go and read it for yourself.
Thanks Deb...

Hobbit Movie-Mania Takes Over Wellington In Countdown...

New Zealand prepares... or more accurately, Wellington as I haven't seen anything here.
To be fair, I will have to go back and check which date the world premier actually happens - wonder what the odds are of it being the day I am booked to fly into Wellington next month, and if so, is that a good thing or bad? Probably bad as I can't attend it and traffic issues would make it hell! But thenmaybe I might see some dwarves and hobbits at the airport....
Check out more at these links :)

Poppy at Stray Dog Bar for last lunch with the class

They did give her a personal water bowl but the glass was more tempting !

November 16, 2012

Christchurch has a day off

A Friday at home... a long weekend! A lie in, breakfast in bed, sun shining outside.
Show day in Canterbury, where town meets country, filled with racing events, the Canterbury Show.  I see Charles and Camilla will tour the rubble today... then finish at the show to give awards.

I think this photo from Christchurch Daily Photo sums up the feeling of the juxtaposition of normal life and ruins...
She says
Rather dramatic looking isn’t it? And for me, it’s rather a neat synopsis of how odd it can be living in Christchurch – what with the red bus tours of destruction, the tourists peering over the fence, while nearby shoppers are shopping and office workers are lunching! For those of you who don’t know, the red bus is in the ‘red zone’ which normal people can not visit unless they have a pass to the zone or catch a red bus tour of the red zone. See I told you living in Christchurch could be odd at times.
Yes the roads are still a mess in the eastern side of the city. A very deep sinkhole appeared and blew up my friends car tyre before she could avoid it ... we get the impression much of the roading is now deep holes, where the liquefaction water has gone and left a hollow, covered in a layer of asphalt!

Cranes still dot the skyline, demolition in the CBD is still going strong, and now they are starting on the red zoned houses. So sad - a whole aspect of life here that doesn't get the same publicity but is a continuing tale of personal stress and heartbreak recurring all over the area. Spare a thought for them. The poetry and messages left on the walls of the houses as they leave them for the demolition crews is a reminder that these homes have history, that they are loved and people do not leave willingly.

Life is filled with ups and downs. I will focus on the ups and relish these pleasures.
Barbecue tonight at friends...
Tomorrow afternoon, Alex returns home.
Celebrating his return and my birthday over dinner with the rest of the family...
Loving it!

It has been a busy, but rewarding week.

I took some of the students back to visit Peacock Springs this week - another great day holding a tuatara and seeing the sights...
previous posts are here....

We also had another final dinner for the vet nursing class. A wonderful night of awards and flowers and many great memories.

Thank you for a great year.

And for my lovely flowers and presents ....

Poppy thought they were special too :)


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