November 24, 2012

Dog Shaming - Watch out Poppy

 Great new idea... although it does make you wonder why we have dogs!
Thanks Marinda for sending me these :)
I wish I had known about doing this when our Golden Retriever, Saffy, freaked out after trapping her self in the bathroom and destroyed the door. 
Jessie, a Foxie x Collie is our rubbish bin fiend.... we have to remember to weight the lid when we leave her alone... she is often found standing in the remnants of her illegal trawl.

Thank you to the friend who described wee Poppy as "a toilet brush crossed with a stuffed toy on amphetamines" - it brings a smile to my face when I see her in her perpetual motion.  On the rare occasions when she is "abandoned", she has eaten Alex's Ipod ear buds ( more than once), our  power cords for laptops, and demonstrates irregular toilet habits... so far no mattresses, but she does like to salvage bits of paper out of the bin in my office. 

I dedicate this to a friend who has just taken on her fourth dog.  Some of these may well be in her future. I hope they don't eat her socks off her feet while she is wearing two of these dogs do.

Might give those "Rover vacuum cleaners" a miss too after reading these!


  1. Just confirms why I don't keep a pet! It looks like some of them may have been rather bored.

  2. This is truly hilarious stuff. I'd like to see the same for cats, but I suspect the cats wouldn't even put up with having the signs hanging around their necks :-)


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