December 9, 2012

Dog Park Etiquette: Rules to Help Dogs Get Along | Animal Behavior and Medicine Blog | Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

Sophia Yin is a great dog behaviour specialist. This article is full of good advice for those of us who frequent dog parks :)
- you can get her free poster at
Another good articel is on Dog Bite Prevention and reading dog body language. This is really worthwhile for teaching children too. Ther eis another poster that can be downloaded.


  1. My daughter and I love dogs, we have a little chihuahua. Greetings from Trapani, Sicily.

    1. Love them. My friend has two and can see their appeal.

  2. Excellent poster and advice. The smaller 'cute' dogs are especially tricky for people to respect. I had a lot fewer problems with people approaching my Airedale than with my Chin, for example.

  3. I have been avoiding them because I feel Poppy will be history if we strike the wrong dog!


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