December 4, 2012

SPCA teaches dogs to drive - Campbell Live - Video - 3 News

Check out this website I found at

What a great idea - do yourself a favour and watch this - driving dogs!!!
If the video doesn't show then go to this link

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  1. I don't watch television, but this was very interesting. I did psychology at varsity, and even all those years ago we used this same reinforced/ conditioned reinforced training method to shape and build up strings of behaviours in pigeons and rats. I later married and had children dot dot dot Ha!

    1. I was so impressed with the patience and hard work of the team!
      Might be something other countries can use to publicise their skills and the dogs needing forever homes.

  2. Hi Fi, Thanks so much for supporting our #drivingdogs! Follow our three smart SPCA Auckland #drivingdogs here:

  3. thanks for sharing this post its useful informations

  4. Thats truly amazing!!

    On another subject....
    I read this post at a blog written by a lady in Taranaki and found it very interesting. Do you ever encounter this - I do wonder sometimes about additives to pet food!


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