January 22, 2013

January in Christchurch

We are enjoying some lovely long hot days here in Christchurch... 30C heat yesterday, and today was also very warm. I took Poppy for a walk at the beach at Southshore after work where it was cooler in the sea breezes. Strange to return to work, but good to be back with friends, starting with breakfast at The Stray Dog Bar to ease ourselves back into work thinking processes!
Last week Jaz and Mark and I had three days in a lovely holiday home over in Hanmer Springs. It rained on the second day, but as we spent the first two afternoons soaking in the thermal pools for hours, we weren't worried about that.  Jaz also had her neurology check up when we got back and they don't need to see her for another year.  Pinot Gris with a roast lamb dinner to celebrate :)

My son Alex has been hard at work here over the past few weeks. All those months travelling the world earning his keep seem to have made a lasting impression ( I hope it is lasting...). Our huge hedge is all trimmed, trees pruned, and today the driveway is all cleared and the back garden pruning is well underway. I was pretty stunned to come home from work and see how large and wide the drive now feels. He has also started on the flaky paint areas... Thanks heaps Alex :)

The house has been in a state of upheaval of course, but we are loving the new, light airy feel and the extra space.

We found two almost new huge couches for sale round the corner and can now sprawl out with our feet on a huge ottoman.  We and the cats are in heaven!

I have said a few prayers this week for the house and the people that have been part of its memories. She has seen a lot over the years.  Just need to burn a bit of white sage to complete the cleansing process .... although it apparently smells like another fragrant weed so that might raise a few eyebrows if we get visitors. Luckily the house has been full of those so far, so I am sure they will understand! Thank you to all the lovely friends and family and the many wonderful people who have written and visited and rung and messaged and been there - you make the world go round xx  And that goes for both my mothers - who now both read this :) Hi Mum, Hi Mollie. Talk soon to both of you.
Some of the lovely visitors...

Mark and Luke set up the fishtank from our house at their place. Looks good there.

James has taught himself to flyfish. We got him a set of floating and sinking flies for Xmas and yesterday he caught and released his first brown trout. Luckily he did get pictures.... which fly scored it James???

Liam has returned to continue his helicopter training in Motueka.  We get to see what he is up to because his friends tag him on facebook. Useful....

Kirsty has been busy - helping her boyfriend shift back from the West Coast to live over here in Christchurch. Welcome back Nate.... and with the other bridesmaids, organising a wonderful Hen's Party that went on long after I had left...after the scavenger hunt all afternoon in scorching heat, we arrived to a sumptuous afternoon tea in  a picture perfect setting, which went onto dinner... look at the detail on the table - a real Alice In Wonderland Tea Party with food to match and some suitably hysterical, rude games.  Really funny, and a lot of fun. With no town to hit, they headed to the pub later... the penis cake went down a treat. Delicately shaped and coloured with pink frosting... I think it is all I managed to eat the next day while the house emptied!

And so another year starts.  Soon the students will be back and the days will be busy once more.
We had a good 4.7 aftershock over the weekend. A reminder of where we have been and that despite a reported 11,000, they haven't finished yet. The water is stored and the gas stocked..
The steady process of demolition continues; the rebuild is cranking up slowly. Still heartbreaking, but hopefully, some exciting times ahead.
As we struggle to sleep in the heat here, thanks to my friend for sending me this. Should cool you down and please all the cat lovers out there.
Night :)


  1. Love the cat video!! My old cat Mimi, dead over 10 years, used to play in the snow like a small dog, skipping about and sliding across the garage roof (easily reachable for her from the kitchen window) on purpose. She was a treat to watch - she was all white.

    Good to see you have so many people around who love you and make sure you are not alone more than you want to. Congratulations on the sofa-find - these look so comfortable!

  2. it is so nice to see green plants, sunny outdoor, and a very pretty setting in your lawn. this made me yearn for summer. right now it is 16 below zero here, brrrrr!
    your house does look comfy, more so because it is filling with what is essential - love.
    have a great day, Fi.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic tea party! Themed parties are such fun. I don't recall the call shape from the Alice in Wonderland version I know... :-D

  4. James responded:

    I caught that trout on a wee Hare's Ear nymph (sinking fly). Tiny hook, big fish!

  5. It looks like a right comfy place. I would prefer a place without a penis cake, but to each his (or her) own.

  6. I'm not sure how I managed to miss this post but I did. I've missed a lot recently. Must check my blogger dashboard. Good to see all's going well. I was very impressed by James's trout. I've only fished for rainbow trout in Scotland and never managed one that big. Oh well.


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