January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have always left these Thankful Posts to Jaz to write... while quietly counting blessings and feeling contented. I havent even written for a while - too busy enjoying the break, warm temperatures, beaches, Xmas and the New Year with the family.

Strangely, the New Year has hardly begun and the changes have been heaping up everywhere. With the support of my wonderful parents,  I have found two sisters and my birth mother, living in the UK and Athens - and I understand four nieces, a nephew and two um um great nephews - I cant follow it all, but the promise of possibilities to visit in the future is something really nice to look forward to. Next, my birth fathers side... 

My partner left me suddenly last week (well suddenly for me but definitely long planned for him) and so I faced some different challenges this week too, but have been enveloped in love and support from family and friends, and sorted a lot out already- in fact there has been a lot to be exceptionally grateful for. Poppy is adapting to her broken home.... and we are still on holiday for another week. Yeah.... Sometimes all it takes to feel lightness in your life and home is to remove the object that was blocking the sun. We have also trimmed the trees :) 

But the best news today is that Jaz got the results of her recent MRI and the tumour is still not growing - which is really the best start to the New Year we could ever hope for. We all have a holiday home booked next week in Hanmer Springs and it will be great to chill out ( or steam at the thermal pools) with the girls. It is even dog friendly so Poppy is coming with me too.

I hope you all had a great new year.

Here are a few pictures of the holidays... havent been posting nearly enough...

Baking from Jaz and the girls for Xmas

Speaking to my birth mother for the first time in my life
Happy Birthday Mum :)

Celebrating my Mothers birthday - Red Velvet Cake :)

What I need to do to celebrate Jaz'a news tonight :)


  1. Great news from Jaz indeed, and also great news about you finding family members!
    Sorry to hear about your partner having left you, but you are so right in letting the love and support that surrounds you outweigh the sadness this undoubtedly causes you.

  2. I'm so glad that you are the sort of person you are Fiona: positive and caring. I have a feeling that 2013 could be a really momentous year for you. Kia kaha.

  3. What a start to the year. Stay positive . Red velvet cake and champagne sound good.

  4. Wonderful that you can find so much to be grateful for at a challenging time. Wishing you strength and much pampering.

  5. Oh Fi I am sorry to hear about some of the things that have been happening in your life.

    But I am very happy to hear the positive things as well - Jaz's good news, and the finding of a whole new family.
    2013 may well be your year of change.

    I actually stopped by your blog to ask if you are anywhere near the Christchurch scrub fires I have just been reading about. I certainly hope not.

  6. Yep
    2013 is going to be yours Fiona

    And I might even make it mine too.

    Hey, let's all just have a smashing one xx

  7. Happy new year Fi, and here's hoping this year will bring good fortune and happiness to us all!
    How's Kirst doing? Is she doing well? Please give my warm regards to her and tell her i miss her.

    1. I will Odette - she is fine and I see her regularly :)

  8. My immediate reaction was to tell you that I'll say a prayer for you, but you seem to be taking the separation well. I'll say the prayer, anyway, because that sort of thing never hurts :-)

    1. Thanks Suldog. There are always ups and downs. I have said a few myself! Yours are greatly appreciated :)
      Glad you have some work. It has been a tough few weeks for you too. Have been thinking of you ...

  9. Hello Fi!
    Mickle just read me your news while we had a good long chat this morning. What a shock! Yet you say it so perfectly when you say all you have to do is remove the object that was blocking the sun. Perfect!

    It is really true that it gets so much better. I think the best part is the day you realize that you really never needed that extra weight on your arm because you can stand straight and tall on your own.

    And in the dark of the night when the thoughts are tumbling all around your brain - remember - it's really nice to have all the covers to yourself!

    Thinking of you from way up here! Keep your chin up Fi! Your doing fantastic!


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