February 22, 2013

1.51pm on 22 2 11 - Magnitude 6.1

Two years today. A date still firmly in our minds. A time today when none of us wanted to be where we were on that day; heading outside at work to stand in respectful silence for one minute to reflect together on those that were lost.

Two years...feels like yesterday and at the same time, a lifetime in shared grief, tough experiences and ongoing issues for so many.
A moment in time that we relive too often - yesterday's fire alarms and evacuation down the stairs at work triggered anxiety in us all.  Last time we did this.......
The rumble of heavy traffic still makes us pause and wait. Is this it?

Today the city mourns the 185 people who didn't make it through and the many who were so badly injured. The flowers are back in the road cones. A reminder of again as we drive around the city - where roads are covered in the orange sentinels.

My own small contribution from the garden to a cone near work.

On a positive note, the article today on the rescue of Olivia Cruickshank and her daughter from Cashel Mall is worth reading. Survival against the odds; left for dead under a blanket.

and then go back and watch the video on here, (sorry can't embed it for you)  where this picture can be seen briefly, indicating there is a dead body beneath the blanket. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-earthquake/videos/4689646/Aftermath-of-Christchurch-quake-b-Graphic-content-b

Just one of the many stories, but an indication of the mayhem on the day.

Take care :)


  1. Two years ! Seems like a couple of months.

  2. The Cruikshank story chills me to the bone despite the outcome or perhaps because of the outcome.


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