February 3, 2013

Christchurch Soaks Up Sunniest January On Record | Stuff.co.nz

So it is official - a long hot January of high 20's, low 30's weather. It has been filled with long evenings outside, in the courtyard, at the beach, with barbecues and a chance to hang out with friends under the full moon on perfect Canterbury nights. A summer to remember and treasure indeed.
Yesterday I went to the last night of "Grease" at The Court Theatre - I have loved the show since I got to be in the chorus of it in Whangarei many, many years ago. Impressed with the staging, the subtle reworking of the songs and their order, and the energy of the cast. Just brilliant. It was filled with surprises too.
It has been a peaceful and gradual return to work, writing and printing and thinking, Such a quiet place in the holidays, Easier to park, walk and get lunch... but would be dull without our reason for working there at all. I have four classes of students starting this week - so the buzz and life will return once more.
Liam arrived home at 4 a.m. Saturday morning for a few days break from Aviation School in Motueka. He says he is now flying the helicopter solo round the airfield; no further until he learns to navigate. Makes a great chance for a few family get-togethers so Jaz and Mark are bringing the girls over for lunch today and my parents are coming for the afternoon. James and Jess are away ( I hear trout fishing in Reefton) but will join us for lunch on Waitangi day this Wednesday as it is a public holiday in New Zealand ). Yay - another short week
The Sparks in the Park Concert with the Orchestra and the fireworks are on Tuesday night too so lots to look forward to.


  1. So funny to hear about your hot summer when it's soooo cold here.

  2. I'm so pleased that things are getting back to a new normal for you Fiona. I saw the film of Grease when it first came out in the mid/late '70s. I must see if it's still available. I wonder what I'd think of it now.

  3. sunhine, beach, picnic... a scenario i can only dream Fi because even when our snow fall has been few and fsr between, we are experiencing below zero temps here. enjoy whatever little vacation you have left.


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