February 10, 2013

Golden Summer Days

Making the most of these lovely days that have restarted after a spell of much needed rain for the farms and gardens.  It will probably be one of those summers that gets into the record books for so many long, hot days and we have done our best to make as many memories as we can.  

Still lots to do round the house - particularly clearing out the garage, but the heat in the afternoons has defeated us, so might be a job for Easter at this rate.  The rest of the work is painting as the garden is nearly done...  great job by Alex :)

Alex at Work
Clearing the back fence

Here are a few pictures from our activities over the past fortnight...

A hot, fun afternoon in the waves at Waikuku Beach...

 Jaz and Mark's dog Rosie with Poppy in the river

 One way to cool off after the beach- wash Dad's car.
 Home grown carrots for dinner....
 Dinner in the sun last week... Mark made butter chicken with onion bhajees and roti - nice one!

Alex and I went over again last night for dinner too... but I didn't take any pictures.  It was so hot we stayed inside with the air-con going but we went to the supermarket for some extra food, and later, finished up with Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, all picked from the garden, and raspberry with white chocolate Kapiti icecream - delicious - thanks Jaz :) Great combination.

I will take pictures of the fish tank next time - it looks stunning and there are now baby guppies to watch.

As we seem to live outdoors so much, I took this picture after lunch at our place last week...  A "three umbrella day". It has been so good to have the shade on these really hot days.

Poppy - on guard in the sun, in her bed at work, at rest in her swing bed, and hiding under my skirt....
What a life...

After looking at these two pictures that Alex took, I have clipped her face.... shaved the beard off more so no more crusty ends..

Was lovely to have a short week and a day off on Wednesday for Waitangi Day.  We got to Sparks in the Park a day later than advertised, after it was postponed by the mid week rain - and the fireworks and the orchestra were great, as usual. Learned from out mistakes last year and parked near to the road so escaped really quickly from the crowds.  Last time it took the entire first CD of Phantom of the Opera just to reach the road...

Met most of my new class on Thursday, the rest will be in tomorrow. Looking forward to a great year.... seems to be a lot of travelling coming up too - Auckland, Wellington, Kaikoura. Will be great :)


  1. Lovely to see all those summery activities going on, and you sound so positive and really looking forward to what the year is going to bring!

  2. Amazing to see all that outside stuff going on while I hide indoors from the freezing cold wind :)

  3. Golden summer days indeed. What a wonderful time. It's so good to see a family enjoying itself doing what Kiwi's do best....enjoying leisure time in the open air.

  4. Wonderful post and happy photos. Especially welcome during this snowy day in winters Scotland.
    Butter chicken.... Oh yum!

  5. Glad to see it seems you've had some good days!


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