February 26, 2013

Love, life and death

Love.... A glorious weekend celebrating the wedding of two wonderful beautiful people... a sunny day, great venue, good food and much happiness and laughter with a wonderful lunch to carry on the celebrations on Sunday. Congratulations to Caitlin and Hayden. Wishing you every happiness in your lives together.  

My daughter was chief bridesmaid.... I am still waiting on pictures as I didn't take any, but the flowers back here at home are beautiful. 

We both appreciated all the horses behind the gazebo... but laughed at finding the broken white model one down the back of the vineyard. The same one that was loaded onto a truck here at home recently ... strange to discover the absent wedding planner is your ex partners new girlfriend .. this explained a lot to the families involved in the wedding! New Zealand is famed for there being only two degrees of separation instead of seven, bu it is still surprising how life has a way of being stranger than fiction.

iPad and I hung out with some special girls later on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a fish and chip dinner (well I did, iPad just risked getting a bit greasy).  

Rosie was such a good girl too. 

Poppy was recovering from some hard work with the class on Friday...

Had a lovely chat with my first mother, Mollie, who lives in England, last night,  and then dinner with my lovely parents here tonight.  So privileged to have the chance to enjoy them all. One father still to go :) 

So that was love and life this week.... but finally, sadly, the death part. After procrastinating for some days, I put our little Nala to sleep tonight when I got home. The wee wild, squitty, mad but affectionate creamy cat that was ill and finally reaching the end of her days went off to sleep in my arms and I bawled my eyes out.  It never gets any easier. It was special to actually sit and cuddle her as contact like that has been rare and always strictly on her terms. Alex did the honours digging in the dark and she is sleeping peacefully near my window in the garden where she has lived for half her life.  I couldn't face having her cremated.  This is her home and she can stay here, even if we don't stay for ever.  

Sleep well Nala.  Hugs from us all.


  1. So sad about Nala! It brings my Pukky's death back in all detail, it'll soon be a year that I woke up in the morning and knew that she would not see another sunrise. Like you, I was bawling my eyes out and can even now feel the tears welling up when I am thinking of her.

  2. So sorry about your Nala. A sad ending to a lovely story about love. But then sharing Nala's final moments is also a story about love.

    1. Still prefer the first two topics but death does remind you to appreciate life and the living.

  3. Fi, i know it was difficult for you to see her go, but more difficult to see her suffer. you gave her a nice goodbye by putting her to sleep and knowing you were the last person she saw before she closed her eyes.

  4. I was thinking that it was a lovely bring-things-up-to-date post until you got to the end. Nala looks just like my BP did. I, too, held him in my arms as the vet put him to sleep with failing kidneys and heart after a long life and only seeing the vet for his cat-flu jabs early on in life. That was just before I came to New Zealand for the first time for a holiday before I started living here part time. So I, too, have joined the tearful brigade. Oddly I didn't cry when he died but I do now occasionally all these years later.

    1. Sorry to reawaken those memories. You never forget them.


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