February 17, 2013

Pet Death, Crystal Balls and Voodoo Dolls

Poppy lost a friend today, Juddy, who is standing on the right in this recent photo.
Sadly, we didn't get there until after he had been buried and, unlike the other dogs in that household, Poppy didn't get to say goodbye.  Watching the other dogs later, all sitting where his body had lain when they brought Juddy home from the clinic, made us think about how dogs see death and what they must think.  Tonight, one of the people I follow who lives high in The Rockies wondered the same thing... so I thought I would send people over there to ponder the question and maybe comment here or there, or both. I know that our other dog Jessie was bewildered and lost for a while after we put Saffy down and I am sure others feel their other pets have "mourned".
Juddy's friends said goodbye.... lying beside him, licking his nose.....

R.I.P. Jud-jud.

Crystal Balls are something we often wish for but is ignorance, particularly of things we cannot prevent, better? I reread an old blog post recently that I wrote two years ago:- http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.co.nz/2011/02/fresh-layout-new-beginning.html, written after the few turbulent months that covered Arch's death, Jaz's tumour and later surgery, the September 2010 earthquake, Saffy's death and just before the inquest.  I wondered what else could go wrong. WIthin 10 days the city was turned upside down by the February earthquake. If anyone had a crystal ball, I dont suppose they would have believed it if they had foreseen the damage, deaths, red zones, upheaval and stress it has caused to so many living here.  However, it would have saved many people from death and major injury which probably makes it all worth it. Next week, it is the two year anniversary and as we continue to demolish buildings all over the central city and suburbs, there are at least signs of recovery, rebuilding, and repairs. We are a long way off normal and people are still coping with the continual changes, battles with insurances and personal losses.  This weekend I looked again at the city as I drove my friends round from Sydney. We tend to forget, living here, how much has changed. The new normal seems strange, yes, but of course normal!
Anyway - I was amused that two years since that blog post I felt like I hadn't made much progress.... but of course I have. Just more changes to deal with.  A peek into a crystal ball at Xmas might have shown me how different my life would be within a few short weeks, and certainly ruined what was actually a very happy Xmas!  The New Year walk out was a painful turn of events, with no warning, but I can recommend that discovering the extent of the lying and cheating certainly helps your recovery.  You think you know someone, but really people are like diamonds and you only know the faces they choose to turn towards you, while the flawed centre remains hidden, further obscured by the illusion you have in your mind.
In the absence of crystal balls, and because Karma is so slow, one of my friends at work said she had seen some wonderful string voodoo dolls at Riccarton Mall and couldn't decide which one she should get me. I happened to be over there today having a wonderful brunch at Drexels with my Sydney based friends and I saw the dolls there.  They were funny... but I didn't buy one as i don't think carrying something like a Satan doll around will be good for anyone! I do love some of the other String Dolls on this website....  http://www.mystringdolls.com/page_stringdollstory.html. Some are very appropriate....

Meanwhile I had a great week, a lovely Valentines day dinner, a great barbecue last night, and after my brunch today, a family get together in Hagley Park. All good stuff.


  1. For me, never really knowing what tomorrow is going to bring is a part of life I would not change if I could. For instance, had I known beforehand that my husband was going to die the day he did, I would have tried to prevent it no matter how, and of course would have failed and it would have made the entire experience of losing him even worse.

    Your week sounds great indeed with dinners and barbecues and get-together at the park!

    1. That would have been so hard to have known and still been unable to prevent it. Just as well we don't know indeed. Not knowing at least let's us enjoy the present :)

  2. If we could foretell the future ranks with getting what one wishes for. Both are metaphorical double edged swords.


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