March 2, 2013

Catch up Saturday

Catching up after a day in Wellington and enjoying the colour in the garden.

If I stop, Poppy curls up on my feet....

Before I flew up yesterday, I had recently seen the new Bear Grylls safety video for Air New Zealand... and sure enough they played it yesterday.

When I first watched it, I did laugh when they showed him stowing the remote on the Airbus.  Figured it would be a long time before I got to see one, so I was pretty pleased to find I was flying up on one - remote and all!   Little things!

Sadly, it is only a really short flight and the nice man sitting next to me wanted to talk so I didn't get to play with it at all and of course, didn't get it for the flight home.  On the plus side, the man was here for the Christchurch Rebuild and talking about renewable energy sources for the city. He was able to show me how much energy his own solar roof was generating in real time on his iPhone ( before take-off luckily) !   Great idea... and they have the contract for the new subdivision north of us.  This is their website.  Would love one of these.

SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) is busy rebuilding the horizontal infrastructure of the city after the earthquake damaged so much of the roads and everything underneath them. Although pleased, as we need these things for continuing fresh water supply and removal of sewage and other important stuff like that,  the journey round the detours and closed roads and dug up tarmac is very tiring.  I expect it will go on for some years so we have to get used to it and allow plenty of time added on to travelling.  The world seems to be a sea of high vis jackets and orange road cones for the foreseeable future.

Today I read my copy of Deb Donnell's book - Responders.  She and Pete Seagar from Tauranga have written it to show what the people who came to help after the earthquakes experienced.  See the view behind the scenes of the Civil Defence and Emergency Management registered volunteer teams deployment.

You can order a copy here -
and it is also available in many bookshops now.
Great job Deb and Pete.

While we still have plenty of destruction happening, there is also a lot of positive rebuilding, assisted by thousands of people flooding in from many countries. Some of the buildings leave a lot to be desired,  but so did the ones they are replacing!

This block of shops in Cranford St is new....   I took one picture by night yesterday, and got the other from

Clean and modern - not bad.

This is what it looked like previously, post earthquake, but you get the idea. - taken from a blog I follow -

and from the other side....

I know which I would rather shop in.. although I miss the Thai place!


  1. You remind me of something I wrote (but, more important, the thoughts expressed by the man I quote within it, Fred Rogers.)

  2. Yes Jim - the helpers were invaluable. So many wonderful people who came, volunteered, with expertise, equipment and added their strength to helping so many people in a myriad of ways.

  3. There are few things like a disaster to bring people together and bring out the best in most of us.

    I have solar water heating and my biggest problem usually living here on my own is that it produces too much hot water for me to use. My electricity consumption in the summer for water heating is almost zero and not much even in the winter. That and double glazing are wonderful energy conservators.


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