March 29, 2013

Graduation 2013

Working in education certainly adds plenty of variety to the year as we move through the seasons.  March is our usual time for the graduation of the classes we offered last year, so for a short time, we leave our current students and catch up with the news and stories of "where they are now".  Facebook has made this less of a surprise, but seeing them in person is unbeatable. Being there to watch them graduate in front of their families and friends is always special.

Since the earthquake, the ceremony has moved from the Town Hall to the CBS Arena which is sad as we miss our procession through town, along the river through Victoria Park, lone bagpipe leading the way, police stopping traffic, crowds taking pictures..... but the celebration is still there.  Like many things in this city, it is just different.

So congratulations to the veterinary nursing classes of 2012.

Easter holidays at last - enjoying a quiet day with Liam home from Motueka. We have plans for some house maintenance and family catch ups this weekend - Mark is going to bring his sanding tools over for some work on the house exterior - try to stop the rot of long neglect before another winter.  I have chocolate ready for the girls....

We have been contacted to say that Fletchers want to start the house repairs as part of the Earthquake Commission so our fate and the search for somewhere to live over the process will soon be revealed. Will be strange living in limbo - but after the past few months, change is something normal and I am getting used to it.

I think I have found my birth father.... hard to believe how much I have learned in the last three months. I am enjoying the journey of discovery of my roots, while still surrounded by the family I already know and love.  Been a nice positive note this year!

Happy Easter everyone


  1. What a lovely bunch of proud faces. Do you know how long you'll have to be out of the house?

    1. Not yet Katherine. Hopefully not too long but the pets will be main problem wherever we go :(

    2. It is going to be a month Katherine... prob most of May. Hoping i can keep Poppy in a small rented place but the others will be visiting kennels. Let te madness begin :(

  2. I found graduating rather like birthdays: something that happens regardless. I accept, though, that I'm in the minority.

    It's good to hear that you may have made progress on discovering your birth father.

  3. Found out quite a lot - and it is apparent it is more complicated than I thought - but then the search so far has been that way so i am not really surprised. Not quite sure who I am anymore! SO many names :)


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