March 6, 2013

Horseshoe Lake

This lovely shot across Horseshoe Lake, Christchurch, was taken this week by Becker Fraser Photography and many of the empty sections are now visible. We live in the bottom left triangle.

To compare, there is an older picture at

There are still a few remaining residents in the centre of the Horseshoe area and they recently held their own special contest to compete with the Ellerslie International Flower show that starts here in Hagley Park tomorrow. A great community despite the inevitable loss of their homes. You can find the pictures in full at CHCH EQ on Facebook.

They were also taking photos recently where I often drive home, along the River Avon at the top of the first picture - Some of the houses facing onto the river there are long abandoned.

But the view along the river on the other side is always wonderful and worth dodging all the road cones for to see.

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  1. I went back and looked at the older picture. Gosh, what a difference, even from the air. I love the face of the guy holding up the strawberry! I've had about four off my 10 plants this year, and my face looks much the same. I am so proud of each one!


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