March 29, 2013

Many hands make light work.....

Thank you so much to Jaz and Mark for their help today. Finally some progress on the paintwork and the windows... you really appreciate the simple things in life sometimes - and I am grateful everyday for the fact that after Mark got me some spare parts, my taps now all work and I can turn them off easily :)

It was hot work.. apparently Christchurch had the hottest temperature in New Zealand today. Luckily,  the part we were working on stayed in the shade and the umbrellas kept the drinks cool on the table.

12.00pm Hard at work after coffee and hot cross buns starter
Putty and scrapers...
Entertaining the girls with movies
Late lunch in the shade for the troops :)
Sanded and ready to paint
Picasso at work on the trims nearby
Finally getting the front window done properly... dances little jig of happiness

Jaz was thrilled to be able to do this - Take a picture she says - this is not something she thought she would get do again two years ago!!
Yum......took Phoebe a while to bring herself to eat such a gorgeous rabbit..
Nearly done
Last part - first coat
5 pm. All done for the day - second coat tomorrow :)

So we had a fun day with plenty of laughs and it has saved Alex and I a huge amount of of time. Tomorrow Liam and I can do the second coat, and I will try and water blast the front part and shift a few spider webs, go to Bunnings for more stuff and crack on while this summer feeling weather lasts.  The joy of holidays :) At least I dont have to worry about the bare wood as autumn continues. 

The chocolate certainly helped us all recover :)


  1. It's great to get a job like this done! And I see you, too, hand out Lindt chocolate bunnies for Easter :-)
    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, Fi!

    1. Thanks Mieke - loved the bunny having little bells on them too :)

  2. It's looking good. Maintenance just doesn't do itself does it. It's one of the disadvantages of two homes!


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