March 31, 2013


After all the painting effort on Friday, I finished the second coat and then spent most of Saturday tidying the garage. It was a really hot day and after some hours of smelly trips to the dump, I was grateful to water blast the house front and get wet through.   Knackered but pleased to have finally mustered the strength to do it.

Today, I painted the porch front and swept and cleared most of the garage. Finally looking good again and hopefully, can shift some stuff into there when we have to move out of the house for the EQC repairs.

It was strange sorting through the rubbish and deciding what to keep, what to throw. It's not like it was always rubbish... it is seeped in memories.  Saddle and horse gear from our lives in the last house in Yaldhurst and the horse Sam who died five years ago..... The children's school work, some of my old books collected over the years, garden tools and so many things and tools from Arch, brought home when we cleared his house after his death in 2010.  I got to know it well as I rummaged through it all trying to see what stuff I had left in the garage that was usable for house repairs....

And of course, some of the stuff was Scott's - apparently treasured for the past few years, but discarded when he left. This part was easy to toss.

But some of this stuff was from Jaz's Mum, Anne. Her papers, music, school plans.  I know it is stuff no one else wants any more. I know it has all been checked and looked at and finally abandoned. It still said a lot of the person and the life she led. I found it very hard to tip it away.

What went to the dump were just the offcasts and old possessions of three people - who are now all gone. Just stuff left to tell their tale.
So many memories and lost dreams.

What will you leave behind when someone else has to clear out your treasures and papers? What memories will it tell those who take it to the dump?


  1. "Tell me about it"... My brother and I have spent two years or more going through all the accumulated stuff in our parents' old house (2½ years since dad moved out, 2 years in June since he died). And we're not done yet!

    1. Even harder when you want ot keep lots of it, and most of what is left really needs selling or giving away, not dumping it all - takes so much time!

  2. Yeah... it is sad looking at the discarded stuff after someone dies and think, "is that what it comes to it? is that what is left of a person's entire life? a pile of rubbish?"
    But of course, that is NOT what it comes to it, and NOT all that's left of a life - there is so much more, only that the most important part is immaterial, our memories and what we felt or still feel for that person, and those will only die when we do.

    1. So true Mieke. I can and will remember Arch fondly now, will try not to think badly of Scott, but I never met Anne, yet hers was the hardest to throw away....

  3. Stuff of life... I am also going through stuff... At least I can scan in old documents and diaries, so there is a 'copy'. I'm putting these on a dedicated website so they are accessible to members of the family.

    Lovely post Fi.


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