April 28, 2013

Autumn adventures

Ready for the dump?

Autumn gardening and getting ready for winter have been the top priority this holidays - so lots to go to the dump tomorrow.

But still time to take my parents into the central wasteland that used to be a city, have tea at Ballantines, and check out the new cathedral's progress.

and drive up into the hills with friends to enjoy the sun and lunch at The Cup,  with a view over the city ...can't see the wasteland from there :)

All the empty places in the city make it hard to deal with.  Certainly helps to see the reconstruction happening in many of the spaces.

The dogs helped with all the gardening this week...

Beatrice got shut in Alex's drawers yesterday when he left for work at 5.30 am.. took me a while to realise where the miaowing was coming from, at lunchtime!

and we visited friends ...
Lily with Poppy enjoying the sun - a glorious hot day today

Mark and Poppy 

Rosie's turn

A great week - looking forward to this one too :)

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April 26, 2013

Testing on Animals

Found this quite disturbing.... what does it take to stop this?
I know some research and testing will probably always occur - particularly for new drug use, and that the Animal Welfare Act lays down strict rules for how this is done, but I still don't like the idea of cosmetics and soaps and toothpaste and other personal care products being tested....

You can read more at http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/animal-testing-list.php

Want to see who doesn't test on animals - go to: http://www.animalsaustralia.org/documents/pdf/cruelty-free-list-april-2013.pdf

New Zealand - Middle Earth Scenery.....

Cant resist showing great footage of New Zealand. It might look like no one lives here - but we do, and still have plenty of open spaces to enjoy.  It's good to be reminded of what we take for granted :)

April 23, 2013

Uprising by Muse - NZ surgical version

Our local Christchurch veterinary surgical specialists have a sense of humour... aside from their brilliant surgical and medical practice, they know how to play and have some fun too. Ideal stress relief.

If you don't believe me that they really are a vet clinic, based on the excellence of this performance, have a look at some of Brett's other work on the menu to the left of the page on his full site.
and enjoy these pictures of New Zealand at http://www.drbrenthiggins.com/category/photography/

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April 22, 2013

Not all cats hate vacuum cleaners!

Rain, holidays, bliss.

Holidays again.... and as usual I am loving it.

Jaz and Marks deck in the rain

Of course it has rained all weekend which has been a great excuse to watch movies, all the tv stuff I haven't had time to watch. Thanks Libby for dinner and a chance to watch Lincoln :)
just to feel a little virtuous,  I cleared loads out of the wardrobe.  Gok Wan ( for those that watch him) would have filled a few washing lines with my stuff, and although a 24 piece capsule wardrobe is never going to happen, a 100 piece might be closer.

The girls have settled into their playroom.... and by the time I left it was all away again, but just to show they use it...

Here is Rosie in her new High Vis jacket. That should help when she is running with Mark in the dark in the morning.

Been a lovely week. Poppy had a trip to Groomingdales while I was working at the clinic .... not much off but she smells great.

Before.... waiting for dinner, as usual. 
Sleeping on Alex....Bliss...
Busy day today... land surveyors are due and I am off for a massage later. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.


April 14, 2013

All Creatures Great and Small - at the Expo today

Good to see so many people at the Pet Expo today, particularly so many students from our present and past classes. Took Libby and I a long time to get round and see everything because we stopped to talk to so many people, but that was half the fun too.

Managed to get a new furminator like brush for Jess and a high vis jacket for Rosie - will bring it out for you next time Jaz and Mark.

You can order the jackets from here

There were some large creatures

and some smaller ones

and some little ones

and one that reminded me of Saffy.

I still have her ashes at home.
One day I will do something....

I was particularly impressed with the beautiful memorial beads on show there today.

Memorial Beads are a beautiful keepsake of your deceased loved-one.
Flame Art Memorial Beads are hand-formed into an appealing wearable glass bead in New Zealand using Italian glass. Ash from cremation can be incorporated into the bead,sealed internally and either visible or shielded from view with coloured glass.


They can be set as a pendant for a necklace.... or in a marble like paper weight.
Very tempting!
There are more to see on the gallery section of their web site

Was good to see so many people enjoying meeting all the animals. Many commented on how good they were with them, and I guess it attracts people who like animals and filters out the rest.  The children were certainly having lot of fun, it was lovely weather and the range of animals was brilliant. I really enjoyed it.

Friends, family, colour, fun.....

The girls are moving into a new home, so it has been time to pack up again and enjoy the new space.... we have had fun.

We had dinner out at the local chinese.. followed by McDonalds for dessert - Poppy liked that.

Last night in the old house -

The rest of the  week has been filled with colour and food...and laughter.

Had lunch with friends.  Platters at No 4.

Had some great times with the students. Loved the colourful scrub tops in theatre.

We had a revision session on parasitology.... a sunny and fun reflection on life cycles of worms, mites, fleas and other greeblies.

Poppy joined in.....

We explored how to handle ethical situations in veterinary clinics through role plays...

I love my job......

and we hung out with friends....

Today I am off to have lunch with my pal, Libby, and then on to explore the Pet Expo, which I tried to get to yesterday but ran out of ooomph.



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