April 28, 2013

Autumn adventures

Ready for the dump?

Autumn gardening and getting ready for winter have been the top priority this holidays - so lots to go to the dump tomorrow.

But still time to take my parents into the central wasteland that used to be a city, have tea at Ballantines, and check out the new cathedral's progress.

and drive up into the hills with friends to enjoy the sun and lunch at The Cup,  with a view over the city ...can't see the wasteland from there :)

All the empty places in the city make it hard to deal with.  Certainly helps to see the reconstruction happening in many of the spaces.

The dogs helped with all the gardening this week...

Beatrice got shut in Alex's drawers yesterday when he left for work at 5.30 am.. took me a while to realise where the miaowing was coming from, at lunchtime!

and we visited friends ...
Lily with Poppy enjoying the sun - a glorious hot day today

Mark and Poppy 

Rosie's turn

A great week - looking forward to this one too :)

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