April 14, 2013

Friends, family, colour, fun.....

The girls are moving into a new home, so it has been time to pack up again and enjoy the new space.... we have had fun.

We had dinner out at the local chinese.. followed by McDonalds for dessert - Poppy liked that.

Last night in the old house -

The rest of the  week has been filled with colour and food...and laughter.

Had lunch with friends.  Platters at No 4.

Had some great times with the students. Loved the colourful scrub tops in theatre.

We had a revision session on parasitology.... a sunny and fun reflection on life cycles of worms, mites, fleas and other greeblies.

Poppy joined in.....

We explored how to handle ethical situations in veterinary clinics through role plays...

I love my job......

and we hung out with friends....

Today I am off to have lunch with my pal, Libby, and then on to explore the Pet Expo, which I tried to get to yesterday but ran out of ooomph.



  1. What a cheerful, colourful post indeed!
    Are the girls moving into a new place of their own or is any adult going to live with them? ;-)

    Wonderful to make learning for the vet students so enjoyable. They will never forget the lessons learnt in that manner.

    1. the girls agreed Mum and Dad can go too.... and Rosie the dog :)

      Yes - the lessons stick sometimes when you do things differently :)

  2. It always amazes me how big a house looks until you actually move stuff into it.

    The scrubs certainly make a change from the usual ones.


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