April 22, 2013

Rain, holidays, bliss.

Holidays again.... and as usual I am loving it.

Jaz and Marks deck in the rain

Of course it has rained all weekend which has been a great excuse to watch movies, all the tv stuff I haven't had time to watch. Thanks Libby for dinner and a chance to watch Lincoln :)
just to feel a little virtuous,  I cleared loads out of the wardrobe.  Gok Wan ( for those that watch him) would have filled a few washing lines with my stuff, and although a 24 piece capsule wardrobe is never going to happen, a 100 piece might be closer.

The girls have settled into their playroom.... and by the time I left it was all away again, but just to show they use it...

Here is Rosie in her new High Vis jacket. That should help when she is running with Mark in the dark in the morning.

Been a lovely week. Poppy had a trip to Groomingdales while I was working at the clinic .... not much off but she smells great.

Before.... waiting for dinner, as usual. 
Sleeping on Alex....Bliss...
Busy day today... land surveyors are due and I am off for a massage later. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.


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  1. Life's looking good. Long may it continue.


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