May 5, 2013

More Autumn in Christchurch

Autumn is definitely here and the South Island is full of glorious rich colours... and leaves, that need sweeping up, but I do love kicking my way through huge piles of rusty coloured leaves, and rolling in the dry ones. Of course they are never completely dry!  I was driving through some falling leaves the other day and had a strong urge to race out and start catching them as we did as children. One leaf meant good luck for a month so we always wanted 12.  It is harder than you think... try it :)

Pretty sure these are both from Ross and Moira Becker, who have been cataloguing photos of the changes to Christchurch since the earthquakes.  Sometimes they just out up great pictures of the changing seasons, and I love them as desktop backgrounds....

If you have facebook, they are here:


Been busy this week... seem to have done heaps but sorry, this also means I have taken very few photos.

We had a working bee at the house yesterday and James and Jess, Jaz and Mark and the girls came to help. My friend Libby dropped in with afternoon tea for the troops and it was nice that they finally got to meet up, in person.  Love it when two worlds collide.

I also had some men round to finish trimming the top of the hedge after Alex did the sides for me.  All so efficient and it looks great! I can definitely recommend them.

Sounds like the holidays are going to end with bad weather tonight, but it has been a great two weeks, cold nights but mostly sunny, warm days so I am not complaining at all. Term 2 starts tomorrow- looking forward to seeing all the students and workmates :)


  1. A busy and good time for you, it seems. Lovely autumn colours - but right now, my mind is very much set on spring and summer :-)

  2. As it should be after your long long long winter

  3. Autumn is very much my favorite season. Thanks for giving me a preview of what we'll get here in six months!

  4. I'm just catching up after a month of rarely being in blogland. I'm not sure why I don't see your posts on Facebook via Network Blogs. Mind you Facebook often leaves me puzzled and it's usually so much hassle I can't be bothered trying to sort the issues.

    Anyway much has happened since this post so I shall hasten on.

    1. Good point GB. Had so much trouble with networked blogs I stopped using it. Kept missing posts or double posting so I went back to occasionally putting a post on facebook instead.... Might try it again as I find it the best way to find your posts :)

    2. Simple explanations are often the ones I don't think of.


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