May 29, 2013

Snow, shakes, cold......

New Zealand has swung round from a balmy 20C on Sunday, to freezing yesterday. Rain, gales, snow, sleet, hail. I think the whole country has had it.

I always get mixed feelings when I look at the snow on the hills.... next month is the third anniversary of Arch's death on Mt Hutt.  When I think of all the events here since that time, it is hard to believe he missed ALL the earthquakes.

These and more pictures are at

The news also reports:

A small earthquake woke some residents this morning as snow blankets homes and streets across the city and Port Hills.
The magnitude-3.5 quake struck shortly before 7am, at 8km deep, and was centred just east of the central city, according to early Geonet reports.
Last night blizzard-like conditions in Christchurch left several Banks Peninsula roads closed and others restricted to 4WD.
Motorists are being warned of treacherous driving conditions as yesterday's snow turns to ice in parts of the region and further heavy flurries are expected.
Christchurch Airport is open this morning.
Snow showers at sea level in Christchurch has seen snow accumulate in sheltered pockets and on the Port Hills.
Last night the Christchurch City Council said deteriorating weather had forced it to close the Akaroa Summit Road from Little Akaloa to Okains Bay, Okains Bay Rd from Duvauchelle to Okains Bay and Little Akaloa Rd.
Other Banks Peninsula roads were restricted to four-wheel-drive vehicles with chains. These are listed below.
This morning is clear but cold with motorists warned to take care on roads still covered in snow and ice.
Such fun!
The dogs out with me on Sunday.... basking in the sun

Poppy is coping fine.... as long as she can snuggle on someone, or something.


  1. Poppy is gorgeous - a real little Hairy Maclary!

  2. I do miss snow although I have seen some on the Scottish mainland hills since I returned here. It's a mixed feeling though because I love the sun. You have had more this autumn than we have had here in the UK over the last month or so.


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