June 17, 2013

Canterbury could be hit by the worst snowfall in 20 years

Such a fun drive to work this morning. Threee deep sets of flooding on the way. The first one made me glad I had a higher car as it lurched into a nice sink hole half way through.

Back road behind The Palms

Stanmore Rd
Nearly at my car park....
Drowned rat.

Might have been a good day to leave her at home!
Oooh errr.
Going to be a long week... mopping up the floors and hoping the roof doesnt collapse! The roof trusses are already soaked and getting mouldy :(

We are planning changing our classes to try and avoid the snow days, but our planned Open Day here on Thursday might be interesting.

Blue Skies weather forecaster Tony Trewinnard said up to 20 centimetres of snow could fall to sea level in Canterbury on Thursday and Friday, with up to 40cm above 200 metres and up to 60cm above 400m.
Rain in Canterbury today is expected to ease this afternoon and tomorrow should be dry.
The ground will not have a chance to dry out before more rain hits the region on Wednesday, turning to snow about dawn on Thursday and with ''frequent showers of periods of snow'' continuing through to Friday night.

''We're not so unused to having snow in Christchurch ... but it usually only lasts for six hours or so,'' Trewinnard said.

''To have it potentially last two days is quite unusual and could potentially become quite hazardous.''
Oh well - fingers crossed the power stays on.
This is a real challenge for the people struggling in leaky homes that are so badly earthquake damaged.

 Just heard from friends that they have an inch of water in their house now. Thinking of you both :(



  1. Thousands of people in Germany have had to leave their homes because of the rivers flooding; thankfully, my area is not affected, but we get to see what it looks like in those towns and villages along the rivers every night on the news.
    Hopefully, the snow won't be too bad or last too long!

    1. Glad you are ok Mieke. I saw the flooding on the news. Seemed to cover a huge area.

  2. This strange weather is everywhere. We had 90 degress yesterday and tonight it's in the 40's . Paris has had hailstones the size of golf balls !

    1. at least we are in winter Angus - no excuse for your weather mid summer!

  3. The weather's still strange here in Scotland with rain and gales and temperatures cooler than in most of the North Island. Playing the Glad Game: we don't have any floods at the moment (and it's not something I'm ever likely to experience here in Eagleton!). I do feel for you though Fiona.


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