June 16, 2013

Home again, celebrating with rain, rain and more rain

After five weeks of earthquake repairs, packing, moving, rentals and motels, we have returned home. It looks cleaner and fresher but otherwise the same; just a lot of gardening to catch up on.  Of course nothing runs smoothly. The builder and Fletchers didn't talk to each other well, so we have no flooring replaced through the bathroom and kitchen areas. Lovely blue tarpaulins instead.... The years of damp floor in the laundry needed major repairs and the leaking areas of bathroom ceiling had to be repaired. Mark was a huge help and has fitted me a shiny new laundry tub as they ripped the old one out.:)

Sadly,  heavy rain has been the main feature of today - which has meant a lot of work with plastic sheets and buckets and towels in the roof. The iron roof badly needs replacing and the water is pooling up in the attic and rotting the main roof beams. Although the bathroom ceiling has been repaired, there are more damaged areas of flooring now and the replacement floors can't happen until the damage is repaired. So we have covered the nails in the floor with towels and just get on with it until the repairs can be done. Will mean moving heaps of stuff out of the back of the house again - and we still have the garage floor repairs to go. Still beats the last motel and the cats are pleased to be home at last!

This week was Alex's birthday.  It was good to celebrate with him, as last year he was in Italy for his 21st.  He probably wished he was back there as it was a lot hotter over there!  His friends helped decorate his room.... and then they went to Tekapo for a soak in the hot pools and a night away.

Kirsty has been over in Hanmer Springs for the weekend - more hot pools soaking for them.  Still raining though.  I celebrated with a party at home (a great night -  thanks everyone)  and a long massage the next day. Bliss.

Liam, who is over in Motueka, north of Nelson.  He says it is raining hard there too - and they have mud slips and flooding in the area.  Sad to see someone has died in the mudslide.

James and Jess have got the right idea - off to Sydney next week for a holiday.  Tempting but need the money here for the house and the lawyer.

Stay dry - keep warm. Seems snow is on the way this week.  What a surprise.


  1. Gosh, I had no idea your house is "leaking" and in need of so much repair!
    You seem to take it all admirably well, and I hope the repairs will be done soon - preferably before the real onset of winter.

    1. It is an old villa and it has leaked for a while - intermittent and depending on the direction of the rain! The recent earthquake repairs have just meant we need to address it all as soon as possible - but it is complicated by the fact we still have half ownership and the other half is not contributing to repairs, maintenance or any costs. Complicates progress and not sure what to do about sales/purchasing it!!!

  2. I have to admit that I hadn't realised that you were/are having quite so many problems with the house in addition to the earthquake damage. All in all life's not so easy for you is it? Why can't the bad things happen to the bad people instead? Silly question. Kia kaha.


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