June 20, 2013

Storm passing across New Zealand

It has been a stormy, cold sleety day here. but we have been spared the snow that has covered the outer Canterbury area and much of the lower South Island.  The winds are gusting up to 140 kmh in Wellington tonight.  One of Alex's friends managed to land but they refused to unload the bags as it was too dangerous. Very glad I wasn't on that flight.

James and Jess are due to fly out to Sydney early tomorrow morning. Hope the weather settles overnight.

Some canine ways of dealing with the cold weather....

Check out South Pacific Animal Welfares latest idea. They would love it if people make these to sell and donate the funds for them. Great pet beds :)

 or their website 

One of our past students has started a new website

or visit the facebook page:

I loved this post today.


  1. Weather sounds just like a Scottish summer. Love the billboard .

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