June 27, 2013

Veterinary Bloggers for 2013

I was reading Chris Bern's vet blog, as I usually do, and he has been listed on the Top 50 Veterinary Bloggers for 2013. A well deserved no 5 too!  So of course i went for a look to see what other blogs I can follow, and was surprised to see my own name on there.
A much lower no 37, but still nice to be mentioned...
Hope you can find some other great veterinary blogs to read.

We survived the "storm" - it was devastating for many other places in New Zealand but Christchurch was spared the worst.  The biggest problem was the earthquake damaged infrastructure meant the heavy rain created flooding for many parts of the city. Sewage also contaminates the flood waters in the river areas. Many people are now dealing with damaged houses and flooded cars, often wading through waist deep water to get to their stuff.  It also made driving interesting for a few days, and although the snow was minimal here ( but incredibly heavy further south), the hard frosts this week have left a lot of black ice. The waters have mainly receded; the pot holes have returned.  I really need my shock absorbers looked at. I think that comes under first world problems so it will keep.

At least the sun has been shining this week and we have been able to dry out the massive pile of towels we landed up with trying to protect our ceilings from the rain leaking though the roof.  Urgent repairs the next step. A new roof completely to follow when we can.

I tried to get a picture of the supersized moon as I drove to work this week - so it is the bright light on the left hovering over the polytech towers where my office is... .  Was impressive in real life - the picture can't do it justice.

Poppy came long to help the class design a transport crate that would be suitable to use to fly her overseas.  They measured her carefully to make sure her cage would fit in the IATA transport rules. Of course she had plenty of dry bed and toys included in the design....

I hope she takes me if she really decides to go anywhere.


  1. Thanks for the mention of our list of vet bloggers! Just so you know, the blogs aren't in any particular order, so being listed at 37 didn't mean your blog is worse than others. :) I've updated our list to make that part more clear. I think it would be impossible to rank the blogs by some kind of quality since they all represent different aspects or stages of a veterinary career. I hope I didn't cause any offense!

    1. thanks Shane - for finding so many other great vet bloggers and acknowledging them all. Thrilled to be mentioned at all :)

  2. I hadn't really thought of your blog as a 'vet blog' but more as a blog that is written by a vet - if you see what I mean. I have, however, been made much more aware and learned a bit too about veterinary matters and issues.


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