July 30, 2013

Stop Animal Testing

Been off on the protest march today. Poppy came to join in... We went with the students instead of doing a class on ethics. Teaching in action!

We got to walk through the inner city again. Sobering. Alien landscape. 

Many of my past students joined us too. 

Great day. Hope we make the news tonight!

July 21, 2013

Holidays, family times and earthquakes

Thinking of all the people tonight further north in Blenheim and Wellington who have had two large earthquakes tonight and many aftershocks. Travel on trains has been stopped, and the airport is closed in Wellington. We certainly know how they are feeling.


A severe magnitude 6.5 earthquake has hit central New Zealand this evening, damaging buildings, cutting power, trapping people in lifts and injuring at least two people.
GeoNet said it was centred in the Cook Strait, 20 kilometres east of Seddon at a depth of 17 kilometres. It struck at 5.09pm.
There is a good explanation on the trusty Geonet blog - a great site running a swervice that saw us through many earthquakes.


I guess we can be grateful it happened on a Sunday when most people were not in high rise offices or travelling.  Christchurch people know that feeling too - the aftershock five months later was smaller in magnitude but it was when all the people died.

Jaz has just shared a good blog with information of what is helpful to have ready!

and we are all thrilled that Jaz is back blogging too - welcome back!
start here: http://treacytravels.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/hi-there-so-nice-to-be-back.html

While Jaz and I were out tonight we were thinking about our own supplies of water, gas etc and as soon as I got home, Alex announced we had used the gas up in the kitchen. Still got a spare cylinder but will top it up tomorrow... got the generator ( but is there fuel?) , and there is water ( is it green?) .

Anyway, have had a lovely week off getting some emergency roof repairs done and trying to unpack some more stuff, hang curtains, garden.... as well as plenty of time to hang out with some friends and all the family.  Before Liam left we went out a Vietnamese banquet - yum!

James and Jess

and the next night I went to a Chinese Banquet... Phoebe even ate the squid.

Is this all I get - rice and fizzy?

This week I have had many new photos from my first mother in England and enjoyed seeing so many of my birth relatives.  I can't post them here, but it is quite surreal to see them and identify features and glimpses of my mother and my sisters and nieces and nephews. People who are actually related to me.  Beautiful people :)

The Christchurch Botanical Gardens are celebrating 150 years with a light show in the evenings.  It was a great experience to go to it tonight.  From the fire displays on the kids were mesmerised and a good crowd were there. It runs again next week so take yours along 5.30 - 7 at the Armagh St entrance.

Caitlin and Molly

Kaleidoscope of colours

May the Force be with you....

Phoebe's devil eyes!
We finished up with a lovely pizza dinner at Spagalimi's.

And finally, Liam now has his helicopter pilot's licence and is working on his commercial licence next.
He sent through some pictures...

Landing at 2,800 ft

Possible landing sites

Just so pleased he is doing so well and enjoying it so much :) A proud Mum.

Sleep well folks

July 18, 2013

Works in Progress: What is cognitive dissonance??

Deb really captured something in this post about the post quake confusion facing the people who live in Christchurch.
But then she does that in many of her posts. Her view of the changes and how they have impacted on her and her family often resonate with me.  Thank you Deb.

Works in Progress: What is cognitive dissonance??:   Cognitive dissonance  is the conflict that occurs when you try and hold two conflicting thoughts in your head. Today we are...

Adulcia - Beneath the Surface: Gap-Filler Mini-Golf

If you are wondering what life is like in Christchurch after the quakes, there are many people writing about it. Better than I can, but they capture things in a way I haven't been able to.

I have been particularly impressed by some of them recently so I am going to link them as individual posts.
Do visit and have a look.

Adulcia - Beneath the Surface: Gap-Filler Mini-Golf: The surreal doesn’t even seem surreal any more. A mini-golf course scattered around a broken city.  Seven holes (we only played six of the...

July 11, 2013

Veterinary Humour

Office pick me up.....
It is a universal truth that people are the same all over the world. so humour can unite us in the way we cope with the strange requests people make of us. I know that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists have their fair share of these too....
If you are on facebook - it is from https://www.facebook.com/VeterinaryHumor/posts/144970949033764
 Utopia Vet Clinic
Press 01 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Press 02 to have your pet seen immediately.

Press 03 to speak directly to the veterinarian.

Press 04 to obtain the veterinarian's home telephone number.

Press 05 to tell a receptionist or technician your life history, as well as your pet's.

Press 06 to yell at a receptionist or technician.

Press 07 to yell at the veterinarian.

Press 08 to disagree with the veterinarian's diagnosis or treatment plan because you read something different on the Internet.

Press 09 to ask the same question 30 times just in case the answer might change.

Press 10 if you feel your pet's condition is more important than the emergency patient the veterinarian is currently seeing.

Press 11 if your pet's condition has persisted 6 months but has suddenly become an emergency and needs to seen this evening because you are going on vacation tomorrow.

Press 12 if your pet hasn't eaten in 10 days and you've only just become concerned.

Press 13 if you are angry because you declined all treatments and your pet is now declining rapidly.

Press 14 to determine if your pet's condition is serious enough to be seen immediately. If it is after midnight, our team of experts will be standing by to debate the issue with you for as long as it takes to agree it can wait until tomorrow.

Press 15 if your dog hasn't had a bowel movement in more than 8 days, you've only just become concerned, have no money and you just want free advice over the phone.

Press 16 to demand immediate treatment but would like us to hold your check until next month.

Press 17 if you would like to post date a previously post-dated check.

Press 18 if you need to bring in 10 unvaccinated puppies with vomiting and diarrhea and you'll only have $20 in your pocket.

Press 19 if you plan to arrive at our surgery facility in a new Jaguar XJS but can only pay for routine vaccinations at $5 a month.

Press 20 if you got a puppy from the shelter, it has come down with parvo, and you are extremely angry that no veterinarian will treat it for free.

Press 21 if you want to know if you can refer a friend who "rescues" elderly, sick pets from euthanasia and want to know if she will get a multi pet discount.

Press 22 if you still consider the cat you've owned for 10 years a stray because now it is sick.

Press 23 if you would like to euthanize a pet that you cannot afford to take care of.

Press 24 to find out our busiest times, so that you can ensure that when you show up without an appointment and demand to be seen, maximum chaos will ensue.

Press 25 if you are not a client but were referred by a "good friend" and you want to call the veterinarian at home in the early morning as she is trying to get ready for work and get her kid up for school as you can talk about your pet who has been seen by another veterinarian but is not getting better and you want to set up an appointment with her for a second opinion but first you want to know how much for an exam fee.

Press 26 if you would like to call the veterinarian at home after hours on his/her day off to discuss whether your pet's problem is worth bothering the veterinarian who is on call (at your normal practice).

Press 27 if you want us to trim the nails on your aggressive 100lb dog.

Press 28 if your reptilian pet has been living in an incredibly small tank in a cold dark room and has not eaten for 60 days, despite you having offered it several types of chocolate and potato chips.

Press 29 if your pet has removed its bandage because you took off the E-collar, even though we explicitly requested you leave it on.

Press 30 if you think people have been coming into your house at night and pulling out your cat's teeth (this happened!)

Press 31 if you think that your dog is suicidal. (True story.)

Press 32 if, even after three previous phone calls in which you were told that we are a Veterinary Hospital and DO NOT sell parrots, you still need clarification of the matter.

Press 33 if you are allergic to electricity and want all the electric equipment turned off while you are in the clinic. (seriously?)

Press 34 if you want to know what type of home medical care you need to give your dead rabbit when you pick it up.

Press 35 if you would like an appointment to strip in the exam room to show the veterinarian (pick one):
1) your skin rash/sores that you think are caused by your pet,
2) your current surgery incisions to see whether they are healing
properly and whether or not the veterinarian thinks that the human surgeon did the surgery properly,
3) your old surgery/battle scars so you can boast what a tough
person you are and why your pet doesn't need pain meds for its
pending surgical procedure,
4) your skin lumps to see if the veterinarian thinks they need to be removed, and whether or not the veterinarian would be willing to remove them instead of going to your human doctor.

Press 36 if your unspayed 10-year old dog has been in labor for over 2 days (when you suddenly realized she was pregnant), and you now suspect something's wrong.

Press 37 if your "rockwilder got the mange".

Press 38 if your 200lb Newfie has ingested 5 Hershey's kisses and you're worried he will die.

Press 39 if you've already given your kitten Tylenol and want to know if it was the right thing to do.

Press 40 if your dog was neutered 6 weeks ago and you are angry because the testicles were removed.

Press 41 if your dog got into your stash of pot but you don't want to admit it for fear of what we'll "think" of you.

Press 42 if you want your dog to be spayed but want the doctor to come to the house and crawl under the porch to do it because she will not come out.

Press 43 if "Cost isn't a concern!" because you don't intend on paying.

Press 45 if you're interested in having your cat "spaded".
Thanks for the cheer up on a cold Christchurch morning... 
Even Poppy wasn't sure about getting up this morning and scurried to find some warmth. She chose the best spot!

July 6, 2013

Wild night of winds

Havent heard wind like that in a long time... scary, but did a mad dash outside at 2am to rescue washing, which is the only reason there isn't any of that scattered across the items that I didn't rescue...

Many people have reported on fences down and trampolines against the house... we have got off lightly, and we stil have power.

Nearly 10,000 homes are without power in Christchurch after fierce weather lashed the area overnight.
Emergency services have been inundated with calls about felled trees, fences, and power lines.
"We've got fierce winds and weather, and there's trees down everywhere," said Police spokesman Paul Visser.
"Probably the worst hit is North Canterbury."

Poppy was scared too. She growled a lot and licked her lips and finally buried herself in to the bedding.
I am just glad the trees around us are still standing and there are no branches through the roof - and that there is still a roof!  Mind you if that happened, insurance would replace that and save me having to pay for it!

At least the sun is shining and I do have power. and it is Saurday - :) and the Crusaders won.  Many other things to be thankful for.

July 4, 2013

Christchurch video from the air - July 2013

A CPIT student and budding aerial cinematographer has used a remote-control helicopter to capture a bird's-eye view of some of Christchurch's iconic landmarks.
Ollie Wall, 20, has always been intrigued by remote-control toys but did not think of attaching a camera to one until he became interested in cinematography about three months ago.

The first model he bought did not have enough lift and was hard to control in slight wind so he saved up to buy a $2000 quadcopter from Australia, which was strong enough to carry a camera into the air.

Wall said aerial media ''just started as a hobby'', but when he was asked to make a website as part of his Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology IT degree, he realised there was an opportunity to turn his aerial photography hobby into a business.

He used his new piloting skills to fly his camera over a number of severely-damaged homes in Sumner's Kinsey Tce and film some of Christchurch's iconic landmarks, including the Christ Church Cathedral and the Isaac Theatre Royal.

See it for yourselves :)


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