July 4, 2013

Christchurch video from the air - July 2013

A CPIT student and budding aerial cinematographer has used a remote-control helicopter to capture a bird's-eye view of some of Christchurch's iconic landmarks.
Ollie Wall, 20, has always been intrigued by remote-control toys but did not think of attaching a camera to one until he became interested in cinematography about three months ago.

The first model he bought did not have enough lift and was hard to control in slight wind so he saved up to buy a $2000 quadcopter from Australia, which was strong enough to carry a camera into the air.

Wall said aerial media ''just started as a hobby'', but when he was asked to make a website as part of his Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology IT degree, he realised there was an opportunity to turn his aerial photography hobby into a business.

He used his new piloting skills to fly his camera over a number of severely-damaged homes in Sumner's Kinsey Tce and film some of Christchurch's iconic landmarks, including the Christ Church Cathedral and the Isaac Theatre Royal.

See it for yourselves :)

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  1. A fascinating video and a good way to show things that one would never usually see. Apart from this subject the possibilities are boundless ( and a little scary).


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