July 6, 2013

Wild night of winds

Havent heard wind like that in a long time... scary, but did a mad dash outside at 2am to rescue washing, which is the only reason there isn't any of that scattered across the items that I didn't rescue...

Many people have reported on fences down and trampolines against the house... we have got off lightly, and we stil have power.

Nearly 10,000 homes are without power in Christchurch after fierce weather lashed the area overnight.
Emergency services have been inundated with calls about felled trees, fences, and power lines.
"We've got fierce winds and weather, and there's trees down everywhere," said Police spokesman Paul Visser.
"Probably the worst hit is North Canterbury."

Poppy was scared too. She growled a lot and licked her lips and finally buried herself in to the bedding.
I am just glad the trees around us are still standing and there are no branches through the roof - and that there is still a roof!  Mind you if that happened, insurance would replace that and save me having to pay for it!

At least the sun is shining and I do have power. and it is Saurday - :) and the Crusaders won.  Many other things to be thankful for.


  1. I'm glad that you had no real damage Fiona. It's strange but when I'm in New Zealand I'm always a tiny bit apprehensive of the gales because of all the extremely high trees near The Cottage and the relative fragility of it's construction. Here in the UK even hurricanes didn't concern me until my conservatory was destroyed by a one which took 12 hours to move over us (147 mph recorded). With 15" thick stone walls the rest of the house was as safe as, well, houses! We are so used to mere force 10 winds that anything that can blow away at that strength is either battened down or long gone!

    1. Alex pointed out this morning that the big tree next to the house was heavily cut back two days ago.! I hadn't even realised but their timing was brilliant. Could have been a different story otherwise.

  2. Phew, I'm glad you came out unharmed of that scary situation!

  3. Climate change really is impacting us all !

  4. When I heard the news about the gales my first thought was - haven't the poor Christchurch people had enough to cope with!!


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