August 9, 2013

A great week and some birthdays

Looking forward to two days off this weekend after a long six day week the week before.  It has been busy, but fun.

Early start for a day trip to Wellington this morning.... the girls were not impressed.

We had a huge a Vietnamese Banquet to celebrate Marks's Birthday this week, followed by Coffee Culture for real coffee and dessert. The girls loved the noodles, and the cakes...

Jaz put some more pics up too -

Poppy got a bath yesterday... and a brush. Luxury. She smells a lot better now.

We got a new assessment tool at work...
"Belle"... She is a very good patient

James got to try out Google Glasses - he said they were amazing. Only two pairs in the country. I am jealous! To quite him - It has a "bone-conduction speaker" -- you can hear sound in your head (and still hear ambient sound through your ears), but nobody else can hear. It's all about "augmented reality" -- seeing and hearing with technology, while still being able to actually see and hear!

I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my brother Alistair over in Vancouver who hit another milestone birthday this week.  Hope to skype him soon.

There are so many things I would love to write about here but I can't, or won't.   I can say that life goes on, things are ok, and I have seen some wonderful photos of my first mother and family which has been an amazing journey.  Although he doesn't want any contact, I am looking forward to finding out some more too about my fathers side and perhaps some photos too.   So amazing to have the chance to do this.  Life has been a little turbulent but totally rewarding this year.


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