August 30, 2013

Friday at last

I love turning off my alarm clock on a Friday morning knowing it wont go off again tomorrow. I might not get to sleep in much later but at least I don't have to rush out the door early. To be fair even that hasn't been quite as hard lately since it is now daylight, at least until the clocks change.

I had to race back for my phone yesterday - been gone two minutes and Jess had made herself at home...

If we leave them both at home, this is the usual view...

The daffodils and early blossom are out and this week I noticed the first green fuzz on the trees too. I know we only get the privilege of seeing so many springs in one lifetime, and as the hourglass is well past halfway now, I intend to appreciate every one I have left.
Spring is officially here on Sunday, along with Father's Day and my parents Wedding Anniversary. Lots to celebrate.
Thinking of daffodils - It is Daffodil Day - do read Jaz's post on this. 

Driving to work is not a particularly scenic trip - mainly road works and cranes, which pretty much sums up Eastern Christchurch these days.  Here are some of the city demolitions I have driven past in the last two weeks - the tall place in Hereford St opposite the Joe's Garage site and the Canterbury Brewery. All gone now.

To be fair, there are also a lot of buildings going up but the city still looks incredibly empty.
BeckerFraser photos took this recently.
August 2013- View over city from hospital to the beach - many remaining tall buildings are due for demolition. The bottom right empty part was the Brewery.

Walking the dogs along the lake
 The weather has been sunny but the nights are cold and there was snow on the hills this week.

It does lift the spirits to sit in the sun. Simple pleasures. Poppy always enjoys it too.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Over here, we're quietly slipping from late summer into autumn, a time of the year that always fills me with melancholy at the passing of warmth and sunshine and looking forward to coloured leaves and all that autum entails at the same time.
    You are so right about how nice it is when Friday comes round, and the weekend is almost here!
    I love my job, but I also love being master of my own time.

    1. Perfect description - master of your own time. Yes!
      Autumn can be sensational - the harvests and beautiful colours. I moved down south because I wanted four seasons. In the far north you don't get such clear changes - almost a wet and dry season instead... but I know autumn means cold and dark days ahead. I hope summer has been ok for you - I rather remember it was slow coming?

    2. It was very late in arriving, Fi, but we had some really beautiful, hot sunny days all over Europe; don't know whether you read my posts about my Yorkshire holiday, when I did not see a single drop of rain!

    3. Yes I did read them. You were able to get out and walk every day in some beautiful places. Very inspiring!

  2. Love spring!!! Love the flowers everywhere............except in my garden. I will remedy this by planting a load of bulbs next autumn I think. I should have pinched a few more from the old place as they not gardeners!!!
    I love Librarians comment too "master of our own time"!! xxx

  3. It's odd as the summer starts to fade here in the UK (although there's no real sign of autumn yet) I start to feel quite sad that I shall be missing spring in NZ. It's so long since I've seen a proper spring or autumn (or any winter at all) that I shall doubtless get quite a surprise when I eventually have to live through a whole year of seasons again. Your start to the post was a stark reminder to me that I no longer have to get up at any particular time at all as a rule. I've never used an alarm clock unless I have to get up ultra early for a ferry for example.


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