August 12, 2013

Horseshoe Lake - yesterday and today

Ross and Moira Becker have put up some new aerial pictures of the area around our home on Horseshoe Lake. They show the inner red-zoned area of the loop, surrounded by the water, the golf course and reserve where I walk the dogs. 

You can see them all on Facebook at

I know it is changing rapidly now by the steady noise of the diggers, and the occasional drive arounds I have done while there is anything left to see.
We live on the right hand side near the river.
So how has it changed as a result of the earthquakes? See for yourselves....
View towards the sea December 2011 (taken from their Picasa Web albums- follow link for more)
View towards the sea, Aug 2013
Aerial view December 2011 - we live bottom of the picture
and now?
We live bottom left of picture - August 2013
I guess it wont be long before there are no houses left at all in the middle.  We had a notice this week to warn us the police are using the area for training again soon.  Last time it was surreal to hear sub machine gun noise so close.  Apparently they will sound an air horn three times before any really loud noises so thinking explosives will be used this time. That should calm our frazzled nerves!


  1. Very interesting. Good grief to the police using it as a practice area. Surely there is somewhere less suburbian they could practice.

  2. Given the distance a bullet can travel I assume the sub-machine guns would be firing blanks. Surely! The whole situation and the picture comparisons are surreal.

  3. Alex says there have been explosions for three days. Today he thought the windows were going to break the bangs were so loud... Felt like a war zone.
    GB I certainly hope they were blanks but the rat a tat tat is disturbing in the suburbs !


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