August 23, 2013

Shot Christchurch Police Dog Honoured for Bravery

 For many years we have enjoyed demonstrations to our classes of the police dogs at work.  It was a very say day when Gage was killed on duty protecting his handler. really pleased to see this recognition for it
A Christchurch police dog shot dead while on duty has been awarded an international honour dubbed the ''animals' George Cross''.

The PDSA Gold Medal, established in 2001, honours outstanding animal bravery or exceptional devotion to duty outside of military conflict.

German shepherd Gage was killed during a drug raid in Christchurch in 2010.

His handler, Senior Constable Bruce Lamb, was emotional today during the ceremony commemorating his fallen canine partner.

He thanked the PDSA for honouring Gage, but saved his final thanks for the dog. ''Without him I simply wouldn't be here."


  1. I am so full of admiration for the skill and dedication of Police Dogs. And for other service dogs as well. There must be many people who owe their lives to an alert and well trained dog.

  2. Yes. We rely on trained animals so much and it is right and proper that we honour the service that they provide.

  3. Animals are great helpers to us and this post just emphasizes this fact.

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  5. I really enjoyed your post of your dogs, snuggle buddies. Rip K9 angel.


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