September 4, 2013

Christchurch developments... Three years on

So it has been three years. I should at least acknowledge the journey.

It hasn't been easy, it is still ongoing and the side effects make some aspects of life here challenging at times.

But in a glass half full view, the city has to change and while we mourn the loss of the heritage buildings, we can look forward to the new faces appearing.

It is ok to miss the old buildings... And the suburbs vanishing to the diggers and trucks.

It is ok to like the new buildings, or maybe just accept them. Please don't let them all be boring tilt slab.

The city is filling with new people from all over the world. It is good to get out there and meet them.

It is great to be alive, to be free to look forward to the new future.

It is liberating to have shed the baggage that was blocking the light and happiness from my life three years ago. I just didn't realise I was sharing my life with a black hole. That their sociopathic depravity and filth and evil did far more damage to my life, and many other peoples, than any earthquakes.
Never going back there!

There are plenty of sad memories that we will never forget, but to see the progress happening in the city, check out the new interactive map at this link..

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