September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Black Friday again.
and thanks to Thankful Thursday posts from Jaz yesterday and GB's post from Scotland that I saw today,  I paused to think about what am I thankful for today.

I was born on the 13th of November. It was a Wednesday apparently. Technically the 13th is a lucky day if you were born on it - and to be fair, I have no fear of the date.  I was 13, and 30, on Friday 13th.

I did wonder if 2013 would be a particularly good year and looked forward to it with some hope.  The slight derailment in January did make me think it wasn't to be after all, but when you face the reality of the situation that happened and how lucky I feel to have been released safely from the cage, I can only consider this to be a turning point and a year to review with future pleasure.

This is the year I finally found the truth about where I came from and with heaps of questions answered and the support of so many people, from all my family and friends, I can enjoy more things and look forward to the future. I told GB for the first time that I felt like a butterfly.

After I wrote that, I admitted to myself that for many years I hoped that one day I would change from an ugly duckling into a swan.  It never happened as far as I could see.  Finally, I now realise that inside at least, I always was a swan. I am the one who had to see it.

Happy Friday the 13th :)


  1. Very touching words, Fi!
    I am glad you got out of the cage, even though I never knew you were in one at the first place.

  2. I think that is one of the most moving posts I've read Fiona. I think that you have faced all that you have gone through this year with incredible fortitude. To be happy in one's own skin is a fitting reward. May your heart always be happy.


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