September 27, 2013

"Quake Dogs" book released at last.

After months sharing stories with Canterbury dog owners, Laura Sessions and photographer Craig Bullock have released Quake Dogs. The book tells the story of more than 80 dogs affected in some way by the earthquakes.

Some stories will break your heart and some are uplifting, but all demonstrate why dogs remain man's best friend. Abbie Napier shares three standout stories.  You can read them at the link above - or better still, buy the book :)


  1. It never occurred to me that dogs wouldn't be affected by an earthquake because one hears so many stories of them acting strangely before they happen and before thunderstorms happen and so on. It did suddenly make me wonder just how other animals may react too. Birds go silent when storms are in the air before we humans feel them. Or do many animals just accept nature as it comes? Are dogs conditioned to be afraid when their human companions are afraid? Hmmm.

    1. There are certainly many stories of dogs reacting and having heightened anxiety post quake. I noticed Poppy was particularly sensitive to the tower we work in when she started coming back to work - felt every mild shake and shook or barked. She also has extremely fixed ideas about which part of the staircase and corridors she walks in - it makes us wonder what she is picking up :( she fights to be in the right spot ! I think what I find the most sad is the fact that despite many pets being reunited with families after being lost, there are still a lot of animals needing rehoming as their owners face accommodation issues or leave town. I thought things were going well until one clinic said they were putting down five pets a day, mainly dogs. As the housing shortage continues, this might also remain a problem.


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