September 8, 2013

Regenerating a zest for life

I feel almost energetic today after taking a bit of time out yesterday. We are all feeling a bit stretched at work, which makes us all a little "crispy"; a classic sign of impending burnout.  So, I put aside all the things I "should" do and just pottered through the lovely sunny day. In the end I managed to sit outside and really enjoy the sun, hang out some washing, read the whole of the latest Lee Child novel, without guilt ( another great book), skyped my brother, enjoyed a fun pizza dinner at Spagalimi's with some of my students, had a relaxed late evening coffee with my parents and finished with a really good night's sleep. Woke up today feeling much more relaxed and made it to the mall for some early shopping and even enjoyed it.  And it is still only lunchtime.
So grateful for the chance to catch up on some "me" time this way.

Meanwhile I am totally loving all the daffodils - they are just beautiful in Hagley Park, and our driveway, and in the house. They make me feel a sense of ridiculously happy anticipation of the summer ahead. Long may it last!

Jess (the dog)  has a new giant outdoor weatherproof bean bag, a present from our James and Jess ( yes we have to clarify this name double up regularly) . It's not meant to be hers - more of a spare seat when we have a crowd here, but she has of course adopted it.

Hoping to see the new boardwalk at the Avon River Precinct next week.
There are some good pictures of it here

and this video -

Christchurch Daily Photo has some lovely spring pictures... they are copyright so I won't post them here - but I love them as screen savers...

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend


  1. "Me" time is so important, isn't it, and does get even more so as we get older. At least that is what I have observed for myself, although I remember wanting a lot of "me" time even as a child and teenager.
    The daffodils are beautiful! It will be at least 6 months before we get to see them again over here...

  2. I know now that time for yourself is essential. I realise that many years of motherhood and poor choices in partners has made it difficult to take that time without guilt. I don't suffer from that problem anymore....

  3. So pleased Spring is here. So pleased you are finding you again. Hope to catch up soon!! xxxx

  4. I've found that putting aside the things I "should" do, as often as possible, has made my life immeasurably happier. Here's to sloth!

  5. I'm very happy to hear that you have managed to think about and then actually achieve some 'me' time and do it without feeling guilty. It can sometimes be quite a challenge. I wish you much more time for yourself in the future.


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