October 29, 2013

Barbecues and Sun

We have done our best to get into the swing of the warmer weather over the last two weeks. Strong winds don't help but we get out and enjoy the sun as much as we can.

Poppy was feeling the heat! 

Under the shady umbrella

Fun in the evening sun

Barbecue fan club at work

Our students are well into their end of programme assessments.... tough doing this on a hot day!

I found this http://thehealthscout.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/procrastinating.html

I'm sure all our students can identify with that....

October 20, 2013

Chocolate Overload

Many weeks ago we decided to have a work team bonding afternoon tea on the She Chocolate Double Decker Bus. This seemed a very good idea back then in the mid winter temperatures of July... but to get a date when all six of us could go meant we only did it on Friday... and hit a 24degree afternoon on the top level of the bus at the Pallet Pavilion on the former site of the old Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Bus at the Pallet Pavilion

Back of the original Crowne Plaza
Where the bus is sitting now.....

So while we are drinking water and coping with the heat they serve us lovely mugs of hot chocolate with chocolate flakes and chocolate teaspoons... and then unveil platters of deliciousness to share - one between two. Luckily they also gave us doggy bags... although I promise not a morsel met Poppy or Jess's lips. This is beautiful smooth dark Belgian chocolate and highly toxic to dogs. 
It was served with cheese, crackers and the chocolate cup contains chutney.
Beautiful... my favourite was the salted caramel thin bottom left. Quite liked the Earl Grey chocolate too.
Lets face it - all yum, but we needed mroe people to eat it. I can recommend it on a cooler day :)
We all agreed afterwards that we were shocked to find there is such a thing as TOO MUCH chocolate.

We neutered a tiny little 9 month old fellow, Max, for the SPCA this week. He nearly made it home with me but turned out he has a new home lined up.  Probably just as well but he tugged the heart strings! All the best Max :)

October 11, 2013

Happy Vet Nurses Day New Zealand

After many years as a vet in practice I know that a good vet nurse is a huge asset to a practice. I am proud to be part of providing such important people to the animals in New Zealand. 
Have a great day all of you....

October 8, 2013

Perfect Weekend

Jess and Beatrice 
Sometimes weekends are just perfect.  They are always good - any time to relax and do stuff is good.  Others are perfect.  For me the perfection was the pleasure of seeing all the people I love the most in a short space of time. Combine that with good food and champagne and laughter and all I can do is just appreciate it.
Nom Nom
One of the presents for James... if you know your whisky it is Bunnahabhain 'Signatory' 1997 / 15 years old Heavily Peated 53.5%

The Boyz....
The girlz
It helped that the weather was perfect - a glorious hot and sunny weekend, so hot it was almost stifling on Sunday.  Hot enough to lie around in my swing seat in the courtyard and remind myself it is the holidays. For me that always feels like the first day of summer. Hot enough to regret wearing jeans to Rangiora and really appreciate their new outdoor umbrella. To eat Mark's freshly baked lemonade and cream scones with jam.... and even when the wind changed from the hot Nor Wester to a cooler southerly, it was still warm enough to sit around the table outside and eat rare roast beef with corn and salad.

Cooling down after a very hot day
Ipad fun before bed - a big week ahead for Phoebe
So after all that, yesterday was grey and dull, so the boys and I headed off to check out the Tannery. I had read about it in Ruth's Reflections .  An interesting concept and we had a good browse and a lovely meal at Gustav's Wine Bar- next time I will definitely try the Brewery next door for the wood fired pizza - looked very inviting.

Interesting history about the site at http://thetannery.co.nz/about-us/the-tannery-of-the-past/

Today is even wetter and must be a good day to visit friends and drink coffee....  actually, thats every day!


October 5, 2013

DUTCHCORNER: Christchurch developing

Great post from Marja on inner Christchurch at the moment.
Click on the link to visit her post and see the pictures in full.

DUTCHCORNER: Christchurch developing: We went for a walk through the city centre. We do that more lately as since not long ago most streets in the city centre can be accessed aga...

Another Birthday Week

There must be some mistake.... I can't get my head around the fact that James is turning 30 on Monday.  I was warned after his birth to enjoy him as a baby because it would feel like no time at all before he was packing his school bag. That time certainly went in the blink of an eye! But I'm really not ready for 30 years. I guess mothers never are, but glad to be here to enjoy it.

James and Jess are going away so we started celebrating early today with a surprise brunch for him.

There were balloons

A Parrot

and plenty of friends

Further family time to follow tonight and Liam is over from Nelson and Kirsty will be back from Wellington after a quick trip to see the Wearable Art Show.

In fact we have two milestone birthdays happening this week as Phoebe is nearly 5 and packing her own school bag to start after the holidays.  It doesn't feel like quite such a short blink as so much has happened in the last five years, and I was not a brain dead mother of three preschoolers this time! Jaz might think differently.  Looking forward to another party to go to next weekend:)
Here is the first post I wrote on Phoebe - http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.co.nz/2008/10/phoebe-pictures-say-it-all.html

It makes me realise I have been blogging for five years - since Sept 2008. Forgot the date completely!  Almost at 1000 posts.

So Poppy is 21, James is 30 and Phoebe almost 5. A fortnight of important celebrations.

Off to get the champagne and cake and food and presents ready for tonight :)
Poppy helping with the baking.....had a hair cut specially. 


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