October 5, 2013

Another Birthday Week

There must be some mistake.... I can't get my head around the fact that James is turning 30 on Monday.  I was warned after his birth to enjoy him as a baby because it would feel like no time at all before he was packing his school bag. That time certainly went in the blink of an eye! But I'm really not ready for 30 years. I guess mothers never are, but glad to be here to enjoy it.

James and Jess are going away so we started celebrating early today with a surprise brunch for him.

There were balloons

A Parrot

and plenty of friends

Further family time to follow tonight and Liam is over from Nelson and Kirsty will be back from Wellington after a quick trip to see the Wearable Art Show.

In fact we have two milestone birthdays happening this week as Phoebe is nearly 5 and packing her own school bag to start after the holidays.  It doesn't feel like quite such a short blink as so much has happened in the last five years, and I was not a brain dead mother of three preschoolers this time! Jaz might think differently.  Looking forward to another party to go to next weekend:)
Here is the first post I wrote on Phoebe - http://fourpawsandwhiskers.blogspot.co.nz/2008/10/phoebe-pictures-say-it-all.html

It makes me realise I have been blogging for five years - since Sept 2008. Forgot the date completely!  Almost at 1000 posts.

So Poppy is 21, James is 30 and Phoebe almost 5. A fortnight of important celebrations.

Off to get the champagne and cake and food and presents ready for tonight :)
Poppy helping with the baking.....had a hair cut specially. 


  1. A special round of birthdays, indeed! Enjoy all the partying :-)

  2. Wonderful.
    My girls will be 30 one day. Eeeeeeek
    See you soon for Phoebe's 5th

  3. Happy birthday with your son. Seems your son had a fab day. It goes fast he. My daughter is turning 21 this week and I can't believe it either.

  4. Looks like fun! Next milestone for me is when my son reaches 30 as well - and when my daughters reach 40. Can't believe it.

  5. Doesn't it all pass so quickly? The girls have grown so much although it's the fact that's it's a landmark for James that must hit home. I can't believe that when I first came to New Zealand The Family's youngest, Catriona, was at pre-school. Now she's quite the young lady.

  6. Well, Happy Birthdate and Happy Blogiversary!


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