October 20, 2013

Chocolate Overload

Many weeks ago we decided to have a work team bonding afternoon tea on the She Chocolate Double Decker Bus. This seemed a very good idea back then in the mid winter temperatures of July... but to get a date when all six of us could go meant we only did it on Friday... and hit a 24degree afternoon on the top level of the bus at the Pallet Pavilion on the former site of the old Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Bus at the Pallet Pavilion

Back of the original Crowne Plaza
Where the bus is sitting now.....

So while we are drinking water and coping with the heat they serve us lovely mugs of hot chocolate with chocolate flakes and chocolate teaspoons... and then unveil platters of deliciousness to share - one between two. Luckily they also gave us doggy bags... although I promise not a morsel met Poppy or Jess's lips. This is beautiful smooth dark Belgian chocolate and highly toxic to dogs. 
It was served with cheese, crackers and the chocolate cup contains chutney.
Beautiful... my favourite was the salted caramel thin bottom left. Quite liked the Earl Grey chocolate too.
Lets face it - all yum, but we needed mroe people to eat it. I can recommend it on a cooler day :)
We all agreed afterwards that we were shocked to find there is such a thing as TOO MUCH chocolate.

We neutered a tiny little 9 month old fellow, Max, for the SPCA this week. He nearly made it home with me but turned out he has a new home lined up.  Probably just as well but he tugged the heart strings! All the best Max :)


  1. That does indeed look yummy!!! Interesting idea to serve cheese and crackers along with the chocolate. Wouldn't have tought of it myself, but I can imagine it does work. Maybe a bit like one of my favourite bed-reading snacks: a bag of chashew and peanut, roasted with honey and salt.

  2. Sitting reading this on an autumn afternoon where the temperature is an unseasonably high 13℃ I find it strange that your 24℃ looks quite cool to me. I'm at my most comfortable around 30℃ provided, of course, it's not humid. I love chocolate but one can certainly have too much. A friend made a very rich and wonderful desert some years ago and none of us present could face chocolate for weeks and months afterwards. We still talk about it and not one of us has made a chocolate desert since.


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