October 8, 2013

Perfect Weekend

Jess and Beatrice 
Sometimes weekends are just perfect.  They are always good - any time to relax and do stuff is good.  Others are perfect.  For me the perfection was the pleasure of seeing all the people I love the most in a short space of time. Combine that with good food and champagne and laughter and all I can do is just appreciate it.
Nom Nom
One of the presents for James... if you know your whisky it is Bunnahabhain 'Signatory' 1997 / 15 years old Heavily Peated 53.5%

The Boyz....
The girlz
It helped that the weather was perfect - a glorious hot and sunny weekend, so hot it was almost stifling on Sunday.  Hot enough to lie around in my swing seat in the courtyard and remind myself it is the holidays. For me that always feels like the first day of summer. Hot enough to regret wearing jeans to Rangiora and really appreciate their new outdoor umbrella. To eat Mark's freshly baked lemonade and cream scones with jam.... and even when the wind changed from the hot Nor Wester to a cooler southerly, it was still warm enough to sit around the table outside and eat rare roast beef with corn and salad.

Cooling down after a very hot day
Ipad fun before bed - a big week ahead for Phoebe
So after all that, yesterday was grey and dull, so the boys and I headed off to check out the Tannery. I had read about it in Ruth's Reflections .  An interesting concept and we had a good browse and a lovely meal at Gustav's Wine Bar- next time I will definitely try the Brewery next door for the wood fired pizza - looked very inviting.

Interesting history about the site at http://thetannery.co.nz/about-us/the-tannery-of-the-past/

Today is even wetter and must be a good day to visit friends and drink coffee....  actually, thats every day!



  1. It truly was a great weekend! The weather was amazing and we had loads of fun. So good to see you. Rock on Summer.!!!!

  2. The loveliness of your weekend shines through all your pictures and words! Wishing you a most happy and relaxing rest of holiday.

  3. That's what I would call a Good Weekend too. Only 24 days and I'll be on my way! Sooo much still to do.

  4. Sounds a wonderful time
    Good to catch up with your news :-)
    Thanks for visiting mine


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