November 23, 2013

Flowers creating happiness

My week has been filled with beautiful flowers....

Their beautiful colours and heavenly scent always make me feel great. We have vases of of local peonies in the house. The summer roses fill the air with perfume and the sweet peas are in full bloom.
The bath full of sweet peas and roses  to be arranged- beautiful smells!
The students gave us all beautiful bouquets at their recent award dinner..

Flowers everywhere

My friend and colleague, Libby at the final award dinner

The pots are filled with beautiful annual flowers...
Jessie enjoying her bed in the sun
What made you feel good this week?


  1. What beautiful flowers indeed! I have been planning and getting together Christmas presents, almost finished. RJ's Christmas present from me will be that we'll attend a rather posh New Years's Eve gala buffet dinner & dance, with fireworks at 12.00 pm, to "dance in" the New Year. My dress has, I think, sweet peas on it - the colours look similar to the ones in your picture, just a bit more on the pastel side.


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