November 15, 2013

Perfect Day

I guess this is a Thankful Thursday post as well, as I have had a wonderful week and a great birthday yesterday. It helps being Cup and Show Week here in Christchurch so I get to have Friday off and a long weekend to top it all off.

We had a family get together at my parents on Sunday - Kirsty and Nathan made me a "Poppy" Birthday Cake. Kind of weird cutting into it but she tasted great :) Home baked sponge and black icing... nom. Loved the giant jelly bean eyes. Was good to skype my brother in Canada too - he will be here in NZ shortly :)

I got lots of lovely presents - including a copy of Quake Dogs which I have been wanting.

On Tuesday we had our annual lunch with the students before a trip to The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust's Peacock Springs...  they have a Facebook Page now.
I always love this lake, and the swans....

My actual birthday was a lovely day at work with many messages, more amazing presents and lunch out. I had choir rehearsals that night - and they sang me Happy Birthday; the first time I have had it sung to me in four part harmony. Wow.

Beautiful flowers from Libby. They are Michelangelo Roses.

Another special feature for me this year was my first ever birthday card from my birth mother in England. I have thought of my birth parents on my birthday for as long as I can remember - wondering where they live and who they were. I guess wondering who I was too.... it's very special to finally know more of these answers.  Gradually the history is piecing itself together. We had a lovely late chat last night too and again tonight. Thank you.

Anyway - it is Thankful Thursday and I did call this post Perfect Day. Today I am thankful to be surrounded by family and friends, near and far. At choir we are singing the song Perfect Day by Lou Reed in his honour after his recent death. You can hear him singing it here.
I am choosing to put up Susan Boyle's version, that Lou Reed produced with her, because it sounds more like the way we are singing it with the harmonies,
Love it :)

so thanks everyone for the Perfect Day


  1. A belated happy birthday to you, Fi! Really a great birthday, and to top it all off, a long weekend - not a bad birthday present :-)

  2. Yes, belatedly wishing you a happy belated Birthday, too! Also.
    Sounds like you had a lovely fuss made of you, and you deserve it too!


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