December 23, 2013

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday for today to my lovely mother.
We got together for a lovely lunch in the sun and later put her in the hot seat.

Champagne - check
Cake - check
Flowers (Roses from the garden) - check
Poppy at feet - check
Cat at shoulder - check

Nearly forgot -
First present - check
Singing and champagne toasts - definitely.

We celebrated it yesterday so that more of us could get together before Alistair and Janka fly home to Vancouver today...
A rare get together from across the miles.

As Mum said later, because of the distance, they have had very few occasions like this in the last thirty years where Al and I are both there for her birthday, so it is something to remember.

Which reminds me - I must hurry up and get over there before they all head to the airport! Loving being on holiday. Can't believe it is a Monday!  Big week ahead still :)
Carol service tomorrow and a few days of family get togethers to go before the my nephews also arrive on the 27th.
Must. Wrap. Presents......



  1. Happy for you that you were all able to get together like this! The radiant faces on the group photo say it all.
    Your mother looks very chic in that black-and-red outfit.

    Like you, I very much enjoy being on holiday right now - can't believe it's a Monday, either! And again just like you, must. wrap. presents!! I bought them ages ago, but left the wrapping until now.

    1. the red jacket was a lovely present they brought for her from Canada...
      Have a wonderful Xmas Mieke :)


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